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Brock Lesnar has achieved the rank of Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt.

OK, so it's not a black belt like I thought, but it's still a milestone! (Said from a white belt with no stripes).

So let's celebrate with the former UFC Heavyweight Champion!

Lesnar was promoted under Comprido BJJ this week.

According to the Comprido BJJ website Lesnar said,

"When I decided I was going to compete in MMA, I set out to find the best Jiu-Jitsu trainer in the world. When I say the best,' I considered everything: experience, accomplishment, intelligence, physical conditioning, communication, teaching ability and, most of all, integrity. I did my research and brought in a lot of guys, but nobody gave me the instruction and the challenge on the mat that I needed. Then, I met Comprido. After five minutes, I knew this was the guy. From incorporating the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu into my wrestling game to analyzing my opponents then teaching me what to look out for and what to exploit in my fights, Comprido played a vital role in making me the UFC Heavy Weight Champion. More importantly though, in an industry where everyone is looking to make a quick buck or jump on some new fad, Comprido’s integrity and passion for what he does is why he’ll always be a part of my team – and I’ll always be a part of his.”

Lesnar, who is making his return to the Octagon, has shown his jiu-jitsu prowess in the past when he submit Shane Carwin at UFC 116. The submission, an arm triangle, earned Lesnar Submission of the Night.

He is set to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200 for what might be a one-time fight as he currently has a contract with WWE.