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Former Bellator lightweight champ Michael Chandler had a bone to pick with Will Brooks. The two faced each other at Bellator 120 and again at Bellator 131 for the lightweight title, each time time resulting in Brooks winning.

But now that Brooks has signed with the UFC, Chandler doesn't really care how he gets the belt; he just knows it's his.

Now, Chandler is set to face Patricky "Pitbull" Freire, one half of the powerful Pitbull brothers, at Bellator 157. The two have met before, with Chandler grabbing the win at Bellator 44, but that doesn't mean he can relax.

"The fight game is so unpredictable," Chandler told "There's so much chaos and uncertainty that goes on in the cage that you can have the best training camp in the world and be a million times better than your opponent, but if he catches you the wrong way, or you slip on a banana peel and the fights over and your head is spinning and you have no idea what just happened."

Photo by Amy Kaplan
Photo by Amy Kaplan spoke with Freire last week and he said he planned to destroy his upcoming opponent mentally. Chandler just laughed it off.

"That's just one of those things that people say that they don't believe," said Chandler. "It's not possible, I've never been broken in a fight."

He added that the mental tactics just won't work on him.

"The good thing is he can say what he wants, I can say what I want, but on June 24 when the cage door closes, the chapter gets written so we'll see," he said.

Chandler said that he's put in the work and feels confident he will get the win.

"I've made the sacrifices," he said. "I've left no stone unturned for this training camp. When I go into that cage, win or lose, whether I have that belt or not I know I tried my hardest."

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