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Dan Henderson wants to fight current UFC 185-pound champion Michael Bisping. And and then if he beats Bisping, Henderson will retire as champ.

That would be a sweet way to end a spectacular career.

"Obviously if Michael Bisping is an option I will definitely take that and the opportunity to finish my career with the belt is something I didn't think would happen," Henderson told

He went on to say that a rematch between him and Bisping had been offered prior, but he never really wanted it.

"Before I think he wanted a rematch, but he didn't have anything to offer," he said."It's not like I was going to go in there and knock him out better than I did the first time."

Prior to UFC 199 Henderson toyed with the idea of it being his last fight. He said it was texts and social media that suggested he make a play for the belt that opened his eyes.

"Hopefully [the UFC] listened and gives me the fight," he said.

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