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After a long winter break many of us had gotten new gifts. With so many game sales skyrocketing and the PC Steam sale coming on board we begin to look at one things specifically, which system is the biggest money spender? With so much going on with new games coming about how will we know?

PC Money Spending

For those that are new to the PC gaming community and have used a lower rated setup (via graphics card and processor) you may having a feeling that you need to buy a new computer. Browsing online you will notice that most gaming PCs are very expensive. Being cautious is a very important at this stage of spending money with PCs. The benefits however of getting a PC comes with expansion. Sadly on the first go around you may need a high end budget for your PC however the PC community grows slower in graphics than you think. Games such as Minecraft or Skyrim, for proper frames, require a GeForce graphics. Surprisingly even with my current GT 730 2GB I have never needed to upgrade although GTs are coming to a close quickly. Overall factoring the starting PC your budget might be $700-1200 which depends on the type of PC you are looking for. Which actually isn't too bad since the majority of PC games come from multiple prices based off of what you need more.

Secondly, the PC must have games you are eligible to play. With a vast amount of free to play games the time between buying your PC and buying your first true game isn't long. One other thing that applies to the majority of PC games is that the price doesn't need to be a huge amount for it to be a good game. CSGO is a first person shooter that costs $20 but approximately 353,840 players play the game based off of the Steam Community Charts. This is one example but if you needed cheaper games Who's my Daddy? is another good quality game for low expenses which always seems to be on sale.

Console, the Competition

The consoles are very standard now. Prices from $200-$300 is very common which is 1/3 of a PC's pricing which beats PC by a long shot. The only competition between the two is component wise and games wise. Which seems simple enough since Xbox and Playstation consoles are only a little higher than the average for PC. Well it's not that simple. With so many games out for grabs the Xbox and Playstation community has dominated the markets. Since the console is a lower price they expect customers to throw out the gaming PC and look to their games. Which seems kinda messed up since most people don't have that kind of money to spend, $50 a game. The idea is that the companies understand how addicting Xbox or Playstation games can get. With this in mind, they use the biggest companies to advertise enough to the point where you will certainly buy their next games. With this system in mind the PC community is very different from the console. Dollar signs are put into both of these communities at very different rates. While console is a constant flow, PC is based off of what's looking good at the time.

So get to the point...

Well to be honest is depends on the person. If you spend big money on the PC, you don't pay too much on the games. However if you like console, you will buy a cheaper system for more expensive games. There seems to be a balance between the two communities based on preference. The best thing to do, if under a small budget, is to find a game you enjoy playing for long periods of time on either one. Even a low quality computer can reassure a good buy

Still fishy on PCs? Check out this video below.

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