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How to build a computer that DOESN'T explode

By going onto the internet you will notice a growing works of exploding computers. One of the most popular are noted on YouTube where one man starts the fire. However I think the majority of us do not want to break our PCs. The expenses put into any PC is a fine good one. So let's try not to die in the process of building a PC whether it be by explosive components or hyperventilation from stress.

The Beginning

The hardest part of building a PC is the start and I look at these factors such as the size of the case and the components. Although what I find to help a whole lot is to use a site based off of measurements. I use to find if the computers are compatible with my case. So making a PC is easier managed and is easy to apply change.

When using this website, keep in mind that the PC you build will need a standard.

The Standards

This might be one of the biggest parts of building this piece of machinery. You need to be willing to branch out of your comfort zone. Luckily you probably have an idea on a standard whether it be a work, home, or gaming PC. Based off of the three you need to find specific parts for that work.

  • Gaming - Gaming does not require a fast processor at the beginning however you may want to expand later. You will need at least 2.5GHz on your processor at the least. Graphics might be the biggest issue because the majority of Computer cases do not fit certain graphics cards. I do recommend a solid 8GB of RAM on the side of a strong graphics card. If there is a specific graphics card out there you want stated personally I recommend GeForce or NIVIDIA brands.
  • Home/Work - Depending on the work you do the stats on your PC may vary. If you work with 3D design I recommend looking at the Gaming side to builds. However if you do standard work with multiple programs the processor needs to be pushed to priority. RAM is vital if you have multiple programs up at the same time so 6GB would be fine.

Fun Card!

With the final results on partpicker, they will show you how much everything will be and the amount of power it will use. Make sure to play is safe and get a power supply that can hold a tad bit more that what it says. I'm very excited to see some of the PCs you guys will create with this article! If you need step by step guides to put in components, Youtube is a good place to start.

Elliot (PierceKlugs)

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