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The Irony of Overwatch

For those that truly like to "Tryhard" Overwatch, I think we understand that this game is no longer an FPS game. In the beginning we remember finding spots on the maps where you could take advantage of many aspects. What's funny is the fact that we don't call it a strategy. For the sake of people who main Torb, is Overwatch really an FPS game?

Looking at the Big Picture

The majority of Overwatch players understand the tough things we go through. Now let's all be honest here. Torbs and their overpowered turrets, Hanzo and his Dragon, and Tracer's sneaky teleport. I think we all noticed a similarity between these characters...nothing. If we look at each of these moves they are all different styles. In an FPS game like Battlefield there are classes of characters such as Assault, Medic, Support, and Marksman. Each of the classes in this game are set to a certain type of gameplay, for obvious reasons. In Overwatch, using Torb to attack is not uncommon at all nor using Hanzo for defense. So Overwatch is definitely in a category by itself, but how is it classified?

Well knowing that Overwatch DOES infact have a storyline that you have to piece together that it is an adventure, sort of. Overwatch has a very weird storyline that is pieced together by the community. In the game you are expected to just kill a bunch of characters to win a payload except you do get dialog with certain combinations of characters. There is also a comic series you can look into. With so much story behind Overwatch's payload and points you can find many things that makes it an adventure game. Except the one thing which might be scratching at your brain is, but the story never changes. My explanation to that, Pokemon games and Call of Duty.

Now you might be urged to ask. Why not FPS? Well it's quite simple. We do know that characters such as Solider 76 can sometimes become the "aimbot" of Overwatch. I'm surprised to admit that it's not quite simple to just say Solider 76 is for the 5 seconds he has an ability. In fact games such as Titanfall has the smart pistol. So obviously this is not the case. With people like Rienhardt, they break the FPS aspect.

A New Style

All of this leads me to believe that the gaming community of Overwatch is not something that goes by the books. I truly believe that Overwatch is it's own style of gaming. With so much content and characters that flow in and so much balancing, the gameplay is amazing. The teams escorting an unknown objective and yet no one seems to understand that it's a new type of concept. It's unheard of!

I believe Overwatch is a step to a new type of gaming. Not a casual FPS no, a new generation of gaming.

Thanks for reading the article! Hope to write more on this topic!

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