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My name is Corbin Stuckey! I am the owner of the PixelTalk YouTube channel, where I do movie reviews, trailer reactions, and gamplay content

Hello, everyone! My name is Corbin Stuckey and I am a young film maker from Florida. I currently post my work on two YouTube channels. The first is called CorbyLives, where I post my skits and funny adventures with my friends. The other is called PixelTalk, which is an infotainment channel where I post videos of movie reviews, trailer reactions, and video gaming content. If any of this sounds interesting to you, you should subscribe! I'm actually a YouTuber Partner and viewers who watch and subscribe to my videos give me the most simplistic, yet awesome support I can get. Again, thank you guys so much, and if you want to be updated more, just follow this page!

Links to the channels

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