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With the current climactic down-slide and the simultaneous increase of the use of neurotoxins and air-borne diseases, a zombie apocalypse is a complete probability. In a real-life situation, they might not necessarily become carnivores, but acts of extreme violence and aggression is inevitable. So unless you are Usain Bolt and possess the ability to run for the rest of your life, you have to acquire a weapon for your survival.

During a zombie apocalypse, one's arsenal should always include the usual gas mask, protective gear, water-bottle etc., and also a weapon that will save your skin whenever you encounter those flesh-eaters. My ultimate weapon of choice will be the Freeze Ray gun.

Why the Freeze Ray gun is the ultimate weapon for survival?

A shot-gun, a knife or even a bat might make for some sick kills, but the open wounds and the blood splatter can give off some deadly pathogens that can infect us in the process.

Now, behold the Freeze ray gun: simple, effective and deadly. The Freeze ray gun does two things which will definitely give you the upper hand during a Zombie apocalypse:

  • Prevent blood-splatter: As it is a gun, you don't have to make any physical contact. Once the zombie is frozen, you can just push it over and break it into pieces. If you cannot stomach a broken zombie, you can just walk away and let it thaw while you make your escape.
'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Adult Swim]
'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Adult Swim]
  • Preserve food: The most important thing during any apocalypse is food. In case the virus is airborne or there isn't an abandoned supermarket nearby, you can always use the freeze ray gun to keep your food frozen and sterilized. After finding a safe-spot, you can sit around a bon-fire with your friends and re-energize before the walkers come to get you.

Is the Freeze Ray gun feasible?

In 2013, German scientists were able to to lower temperatures by 119 degrees in seconds, by using lasers on high pressure gas. Fast-forward to 2015 and according to IFL science, a group of scientists from the University of Washington had cooled down liquid using laser technology,

"The researchers shined an infrared laser onto a special microscopic crystal; the excited crystal then emits visible light (in a reddish-green color) which is slightly more energetic than the light received from the laser. The extra energy needed for this shift from infrared to visible needs to come from somewhere, so the nanocrystal steals it from the liquid that surrounds it, effectively cooling it."

So, just in case a zombie apocalypse breaks out, you know where you should be heading. In addition to that, I'd suggest you to re-watch Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin, so that you're ready with your ice-puns whenever you fire up your freeze ray gun. Trust me, it'll make you look very cool.

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