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Capcom's long-running zombie franchise is mutating, switching from RE6's third-person action to RE7's more intimate, first-person survival-horror experience. Adding to the upcoming game's oppressive sense of tension, Resident Evil 7 will be fully (and optionally) playable in virtual reality.

You can try out the revamped game right now by downloading the PlayStation demo, Beginning Hour. This small taster level won't be a part of the main game; it's a separate, standalone experience that is clearly influenced by The Hills Have Eyes, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and, perhaps most overtly, by P.T. and Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima's cancelled hallway-crawler.

Much like P.T., Resident Evil 7's demo is densely packed with hidden Easter Eggs, unsolved mysteries, and multiple endings. This guide will attempt to shed light on Beginning Hour's darkest secrets.

Seven sightings: ghost girl

Clearly I wasn't paying enough attention during the demo, because I never once spotted the mysterious fleeting specter known only as "Ghost Girl." However, there are seven confirmed sightings, though not all can be discovered in one single playthrough. Did you spot them all?

The number seven is actually a running theme throughout the house, cropping up on pieces of furniture for keen-eyed players to take note of.

Listen to the (Louisianan) light

Shrewd players have spotted a number of inanimate objects that appear to be trying to tell us something ("Get ouuuuut"?). This lamp, for example, flutters on and off in Morse code:

Reddit user Kinseb has found that one message translates to a phone number with a Louisiana area code.

Another code-breaker, catface0, converted the VHS tape's time codes into location coordinates, which also pointed to an area in Louisiana. Looks like we're going ghost hunting in the Southern bayou!

The dummy finger

This fake finger may well be Beginning Hour's biggest unsolved mystery. Near the main staircase, you'll find a drawer containing this curious prop:

There's not much else to be said, because no one knows what it does or what it's supposed to be used for. Maybe it's a red herring, maybe it's the key to discovering some carefully guarded secret. There's only one thing to do: Find that finger and start jamming it any place it'll fit!

How to unlock every ending in the 'Resident Evil 7' demo

There are currently four separate endings that have been successfully triggered. If you're interested in unlocking them all, we've compiled a list of how to do so below.

Ending 1: Escape through the back door


  • Grab the bolt cutters.
  • Unlock the closet and take the VHS tape.
  • Play the VHS tape in the room you woke up in.
  • Unlock the fireplace passageway and climb down the ladder.
  • Return to the hidden room and grab the key.
  • Unlock the back door.

Ending 2: Phone conversation number 1


  • Unlock the fireplace passageway.
  • Pick up the fuse that on the table to the left in the secret passageway.
  • Insert the fuse into the fuse box.
  • Proceed up the stairs and hit the button to reveal a second set.
  • Answer the phone to hear the first message: "You have the power to choose. But the outcome of that choice may not be what you expect."

You might also notice a photo of a helicopter near the phone. If you look closely, you can spot the Umbrella logo on it.

Ending 3: Phone conversation number 2


  • Complete ending 1's opening steps to acquire and watch the VHS tape.
  • Follow ending 2 to trigger the phone's second message: "Memories hold the truth. Don't let appearances mislead you."

Ending 4: Phone conversation number 3


  • Follow the steps in Ending 2, but take care not to bother the moving mannequins.
  • Answer the phone to trigger the third message: "You will have to say goodbye eventually. But will you be ready?"

That's all we've found for now. Be sure to share in the comments anything we missed, and join us in speculating about what all this (especially the finger) could mean!

Resident Evil 7 will be available on January 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One.

Are you a fan of the franchise's new direction?

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