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The Walking Dead has had a slew of characters grace our TV screens over the past seven seasons. Aside from our beloved main characters, we have those characters that are only with us for a short while. Only a few of those "temporary" characters stand out in such a way that they become memorable. "Oscar", one of the prisoners from Season 3, was one of those characters. His time on The Walking Dead may have been short lived, but many fans wished we had seen more of this interesting character as we grew to love this Oscars strength and loyalty in the 7 episodes that he was in.

I was honored to be able to interview the actor that portrayed "Oscar", the charming and handsome, Vincent M. Ward.

RICKS CHICKS: How were you first made aware of the role of Oscar?

VINCENT: "When you have an agent or manager they receive what is called Breakdowns and it describes what the show is looking for. .Height, build, nationality. It's like that for every show, movie, play you watch."

RICKS CHICKS: Can you tell us about the auditioning process and how many times you had to audition for the show before actually booking the part?

VINCENT: "I only auditioned once on video but the character was named Mouse, but it wasn't too far from how Oscar was."

RICKS CHICKS: Do you remember whom was the first Walking Dead Character to welcome you to the show?

VINCENT: "We met everyone at the same time; the scene when Hershel was getting his leg cut off."

RICKS CHICKS: How long after you auditioned for the part were you actually on set, filming scenes?

VINCENT: "Maybe a couple of weeks, I didn't know anything about the show I just looked at it like another gig."

RICKS CHICKS: During the episode “Sick”, T-Dog asked the prisoners, “You never tried to break out of here?” With Which your character, “Oscar” replied, “We tried to take the doors off. But if you make one peep in here, then those freaks will be lined up outside the door growling, trying to get in.” If YOU were in that kind of situation in real life, would YOU have stayed in that cafeteria for that long or tried to fight your way out? What do you think you would have done differently in that situation?

VINCENT: "We didn't know what was really going on in the real world so it was hard to say...if people are trying to break in then I probably would've stayed but Oscar was worried about his kids and his ole' Lady." (Laughs)

Photo by Gene Page
Photo by Gene Page

RICKS CHICKS: Did you receive any kind of backstory on “Oscar”?

VINCENT: "No back story, just went in and did my thing"

RICKS CHICKS: Did you meet with or spend time with any of the other “prisoners” before shooting your scenes?

VINCENT: "Naw, we met and got to work. Me and Big Tiny was there for the same part we thought.

Vincent with Theodus Crane ("Big Tiny")
Vincent with Theodus Crane ("Big Tiny")

RICKS CHICKS: How do you think Oscar would have handled Negan?

VINCENT: "It's a few people asses I would've whooped on the show, but I guess they couldn't have that. I could have been the black Norman Reedus with loyalty, sexiness and smoothness." (smiles)

RICKS CHICKS: What’s your most prominent memory about working on TWD?

VINCENT: "The fans support during and especially after I got shot. A lot of people thought it was BS that I got killed and I respect that. I wish my death would have been more exciting instead of 'let's get rid of him to make Tyreese.' "

RICKS CHICKS: You once said in an interview with AMC 4 years ago that you were thinking about starting to read TWD comics? Is that something that you ever started?

VINCENT: "Naw, I'm cool on it."

RICKS CHICKS: Were there any “souvenirs” from the show that you were allowed to keep?

VINCENT: "Nope. Thank you and goodbye."

“I ain’t never pleaded for my life, and I ain’t about to start now."
“I ain’t never pleaded for my life, and I ain’t about to start now."

RICKS CHICKS: One of Oscar’s most powerful lines, 'I ain’t never pleaded for my life, and I ain’t about to start now.' Made the viewer realize that this wasn’t Oscar’s first time faced with death. Do you think he was referring to circumstances within the prison or things that may have happened in his life before being put in prison?

VINCENT: "Most def. I'm like that in real life, whatever is going to happen. I'm not begging for jack crap. I'm not selling my soul for nothing or nobody. Not money, women, fame, job, power, nothing."

RICKS CHICKS: Did you receive one of the famous death dinners that we’ve heard about?

VINCENT: "Yeah right! (Laughs) Thank you and goodbye. Oscar wasn't a main character."

RICKS CHICKS: Have you been back on TWD set to visit since being killed off the show?

VINCENT: (Laughs) Thank you and goodbye. It's cool though. I had my run. Hell, I wasn't even invited to the Talking Dead and I did 7 episodes!"

"Oscars" death scene
"Oscars" death scene

RICKS CHICKS: If you had had the opportunity to change anything about the way Oscar went out, would you?

VINCENT: "More memorable and I have a reason. I don't want to hear, 'he went out like a hero'. T-Dog....hero; Oscar...hero; Tyreese...hero; Noah....hero; Bob...I guess hero. Let some other people be heroes."

RICKS CHICKS: Were there any ideas that you had for Oscar’s character that were or were not used?

VINCENT: "Of course not. I had no say so."

RICKS CHICKS: If you were Robert Kirkman, what’s the one plot that you would have changed in The Walking Dead story-line or any questions that you would like answered?

VINCENT: "Did Oscar turn? Did Maggie really shoot him? Could he had survived from a gunshot to his side? Seven episodes and fans were starting to like him. Give him more respect than that!"

"Oscar" & "Carl" hunting for Walkers
"Oscar" & "Carl" hunting for Walkers

RICKS CHICKS: Do you think you have anything in common with your character Oscar”?

VINCENT: "Oscar was me in real life."

RICKS CHICKS: If you had a chance to come back on the show and play a walker, would you?


RICKS CHICKS: Do you think Oscar would have blamed RICK for his death since Rick was hallucinating about Shane at the time he was shot and maybe could have prevented Oscar’s death if he hadn't been?

VINCENT: "I think I would've blamed all of them because they left him, but hey he wasn't part of the “group”."

RICKS CHICKS: The prison set became like a Walking Dead character itself to the fans, so it was kind of sad once it was dismantled. Were you there the day that the prison set was torn down?

VINCENT: "I was back in LA the day after I got shot. Yes, it was about the prison and never about the prisoners."

RICKS CHICKS: How, if any, did the Walking Dead change your life?.

VINCENT: "Conventions, fan base, but my career will grow and not because of The Walking Dead, but because of my Faith. I've seen years ago where I'm going in this industry and like I said, The Walking Dead was just another gig. What God has for me is WAY bigger than what I've accomplished in these past 16 years."

RICKS CHICKS: If you had to write Oscar’s epitaph, what would it say?

VINCENT: "Thank you and good bye, Oscar."

Since the main focus of our page, RICKS CHICKS, focuses on the beautiful Andrew Lincoln, we'd like to know about your time on set with this talented actor.

Vincent with Andrew Lincoln
Vincent with Andrew Lincoln


RICKS CHICKS: Had you ever met or heard of the great Andrew Lincoln before The Walking Dead?

VINCENT: "I had never heard of him, but he's one of the nicest and most professional guys I've ever met."

RICKS CHICKS: We know that Andy likes to listen to music to prepare for scenes. Did you ever talk about or know what kind of music he listens to?

VINCENT: "Naw. I was just there to do my thing, plus everything was so intense you didn't want to bother anyone while they're in their mode."

RICKS CHICKS: What was your first impression of Andrew?

VINCENT: "Leader, hard working, humble."

RICKS CHICKS: Were you aware that Andrew was British when you met him?

VINCENT: "No clue he was British and I had been working with him for a month and a half. One day at dinner, he finally spoke in his British accent and I asked him, 'hey man what's with the accent?' We both laughed so hard."

Vincent with the great Andrew Lincoln & Travis Love ("Shumpert" on TWD)
Vincent with the great Andrew Lincoln & Travis Love ("Shumpert" on TWD)

RICKS CHICKS: Were there any other memorable moments with Andrew that happened on set that you could share with us?

VINCENT: "Really none on set. The time I was talking to Andy during dinner and he was speaking in that British accent threw me for a loop and we sat there and laughed because I had no idea."

RICKS CHICKS: Lew Temple told us about the prisoners wearing Sombrero's one afternoon and entering a scene as a mariachi band once to prank Andrew . Can you elaborate on that story?

VINCENT: "I must not been there that day because I don't remember that."

RICKS CHICKS: We’ve seen videos and heard about how Andrew prepares for scenes. Were you a witness to any of Andrew’s “rituals” that get him ready for a scene?

VINCENT: "The day he (Rick) found out his wife (Lori) died, it was very sad and everyone left him alone. Plus, that was the first time Lew and I had saw Carl and the baby. We were like, who the hell is that!" (Laughs)

Oscar witnesses Rick finding out about Lori's death
Oscar witnesses Rick finding out about Lori's death

RICKS CHICKS: Did you ever get spend any time with Andrew outside the Walking Dead set?

VINCENT: "Nope."

RICKS CHICKS: Did you ever meet his wife or children?

VINCENT: "Yeah, at the dinner and then it made sense because her accent was deep. We also laughed."

RICKS CHICKS: Do you still keep in touch with Andrew or any of the Walking Dead cast members that you worked with on the show?

VINCENT: "I seen him at a couple conventions. Lew temple and IronE Singleton the most. Everyone else every now and then."

Vincent with The Walking Dead Cast Members, Scott Wilson, Madison Lintz, IronE Singleton, Danai Gurira, Laurie Holden, Michael Rooker & Lew Temple
Vincent with The Walking Dead Cast Members, Scott Wilson, Madison Lintz, IronE Singleton, Danai Gurira, Laurie Holden, Michael Rooker & Lew Temple

RICKS CHICKS: Were there any bloopers with the scenes with Andrew?

VINCENT: "He (Andy) fell trying to carry Michonne. That's about it."

RICKS CHICKS: Markice Kesan Moore (Prisoner “Andrew” from S3) told me in an interview a couple of years ago that he was “so scared of Andrew Lincoln (when he was in character)”. How did it feel in that moment in the scene with Rick pointing that famous python in your face?

Rick aims his famous Python at Oscar
Rick aims his famous Python at Oscar

VINCENT: "I ain't never pleaded for my life and I was going to start then neither." (Laughs)

RICKS CHICKS: This is an unusual question, but it was rumored a few years ago that Andrew Lincoln smelled like Cotton candy and Jolly Ranchers, so the RC fans always ask: “Since you had numerous scenes with the great Andrew Lincoln…..what did he smell like?

VINCENT: "Sweat and sexiness from all that running. (Laughs) Kidding!"

RICKS CHICKS: Is there anything you can share with us about Andrew that some may not know?

VINCENT: "What you see and hear is what you should love about him."

Vincent with Michael Rooker ("Merle") and Travis Love ("Shumpert)
Vincent with Michael Rooker ("Merle") and Travis Love ("Shumpert)

RICKS CHICKS: If you could have chosen any character to play on the Walking Dead , whom would you have chosen?

VINCENT: "Oscar. That's how it was supposed to be. Most people wanted to see me as Tyreese but Chad did his thing and that's how it was supposed to be."

RICKS CHICKS: If an apocalyptic event happened tomorrow and civilization as we knew it, ended. Which Walking Dead Character would YOU be more like in an apocalyptic world? Rick, Daryl, Oscar, Hershel, Joe, Gareth, The Governor or Negan?

VINCENT: "I only know how to be and like I said Oscar and myself had a lot in common."

RICKS CHICKS: Which kind of weapon would YOU rather have in a zombie apocalypse?

VINCENT: "My feet and Michonne's sword or a big ass knife."

RICKS CHICKS: Do you believe a real zombie apocalypse is possible?

VINCENT: "Its happening now. Trump is the president."

RICKS CHICKS: Which Walking Dead cast member (besides Oscar of course) do you think would last the longest in a real zombie apocalypse?

VINCENT: "None."

RICKS CHICKS: If you could pick any Celebrity to play a walker on The Walking Dead, who would you pick?

VINCENT: "Halle Berry."

RICKS CHICKS: If you were bitten by a walker, what would you do? Put yourself down or just turn?

VINCENT: "No idea since I was never bitten. (Laughs) Probably turn, but killing myself would never happen.".

RICKS CHICKS: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

VINCENT: "I love what I'm doing, I'm just focusing on doing it BIGGER. Host a show also."

RICKS CHICKS: Which actor/actress would you love to work with?

VINCENT: "It doesn't matter, I just want to be on a set. I don't care who’s there"

RICKS CHICKS: What’s the single, most valuable thing you have learned in life?

VINCENT: "Just be good to people, enjoy life while you can. We can agree to disagree but no need to hurt each other."

RICKS CHICKS: A lot of Walking Dead fans may not know this about you, but you used to dance in a rap group, opening up shows for people like MC Hammer, Public Enemy and Special Ed. Is there any footage of you onstage that you can share the link with us?

VINCENT: "Vincent M. Ward on YouTube on my page."

RICKS CHICKS: What is the one thing for which you would most like to be remembered for?

VINCENT: "Being a good person, very humble and down to the earth...I keep it 100 and I tell you the truth about me, I will tell you the truth about YOU and whatever show I've worked on...It's not being disrespectful, just being real."

RICKS CHICKS: Who has influenced you the most in your life?

VINCENT: "My wonderful parents and my 9 grand kids...I want to be that son that does everything for the 2 people who’s always been here for me and I want to leave a legacy for my grand babies."

RICKS CHICKS: What advice would you give your younger Self?

VINCENT: "I was a good kid and even better man. Never give up on anything you have love and passion for."

RICKS CHICKS: If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

VINCENT: "Are you happy with me?"

RICKS CHICKS: Describe yourself in 3 words.

VINCENT: "Kind, generous, faithful."

RICKS CHICKS: What are 3 things on your bucket list that you want to do, but haven’t yet?

VINCENT: "I just did 2 in one day; White water rafting and zip line.The third is not just playing Oscar but to win an Oscar and I can die right on the stage. (Laughs) .Just kidding Lord."

RICKS CHICKS: What’s the scariest or weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?

VINCENT: "A lady crying when she met me, that was weird and scary."

RICKS CHICKS: You have excelled in what seems everything you have tried in life. Winning the title of Best Basketball Player in Ohio in your youth, winning numerous dance and modeling contests, earning titles like “Ebony Man of the Year” and “Sexiest Man of the Year” Being cast even with your very first acting audition. Besides the birth of your children of course, what do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment?

VINCENT: "Just want continue to be a good person."

RICKS CHICKS: "Since you have been releasing your own projects lately, do you think you will ever create a project specifically for you and Lew (Temple)?"

VINCENT: "Don't get me started on that. Lew will tell you, because I created a show for us and it's being played on TV right now (Lethal Weapon). So pissed at him." (Laughs)

RICKS CHICKS: If time travel were invented, and you could go back and change one event in your life, what would it be?

VINCENT: "My grand mother dying. We were very close."

RICKS CHICKS: If you were interviewing yourself, what is the one question that you would ask, that no one else has asked you before?

VINCENT: "No idea. Seems like I've been asked everything."


Biggest fear: "Drowning."

Favorite TWD Death scene: "After 3rd season didn't watch but I did see Glenn's, So Glenn."

Favorite Book: "Bible."

First car: "Chevette."

Most memorable moment of your career: "Moving to LA."

If you could have one superpower, what would it be: "Fly."

Favorite Food: "Salmon."

(Besides Oscar) Name a WD Character (that’s dead) that you would love to bring back? "T-Dog....but give him more lines."

Favorite Song: "Freak N You by Jodeci."

Your celebrity crush is: "Nobody."

Favorite Scary Movie: "Blair witch."

Best mode of transportation in a zombie apocalypse: Motorcycle, bicycle or horse? "Bicycle."


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RICKS CHICKS: Will you be at any upcoming conventions where fans can come out to see you?

VINCENT: "So far no. I guess Oscar has had his run. Thank you all whom I've met!"

RICKS CHICKS: Are there any movie/projects that you are currently working on ?

VINCENT: "Devereux-the new face of horror."

To find out MORE about ALL the projects that Vincent has coming, please check out his IMDb page by clicking HERE .

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