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When I first saw the trailers for the new Pokemon Sun and Moon games, I was a bit skeptical. No gym leaders or badges? No HMs? What was Nintendo thinking?

However, it is and I knew I was going to get the games no matter what. When I started to play, I realized that they really brought Pokemon to a whole new level. In a good way, a very good way.

1. Poke Ride

Nintendo has introduced riding Pokemon in previous games, but they gave it a brand new meaning in Sun and Moon. You can call on certain Pokemon, so long as you have them registered in your Ride Pager, whenever you need them.

I never realized how much I disliked the HMs until I didn’t have them in Pokemon Sun. Getting rid of the HMs and forcing some of your Pokemon to learn certain moves, was such a great decision. My team was able to learn whatever moves I wanted them to without taking up too much space in their four-move set.

I also love how they allowed us to ride more Pokemon. The concept has been introduced before, but they gave it a new meaning, which is awesome. I still wish we could ride whatever Pokemon we wanted whenever we wanted, but I’ll take this.

2. Battle Mechanic

Battles just became a whole lot easier. You can now easily keep track of your Pokemon's and their opponent's stats and status conditions. If you lower your enemy's defense twice and then tap on them on the touch screen, their defense will show two blue triangles facing downward.

Also, if you've battled against a certain Pokemon before, your Pokemon's moves will tell you whether that particular move is not effective, effective, or super effective. There are now 18 types of Pokemon and moves, it's getting harder and harder to memorize them all.

3. Pokemon Refresh

I absolutely loved Pokemon Amie in Pokemon X and Y. Despite them being pixel little creatures, I felt so much closer to my team being able to feed, pet, and play games with them. While they took the games away on Sun and Moon, they added grooming, which I thought was much better than the mini-games.

Along with feeding them Poke Beans and petting them, the grooming allows your Pokemon's affection to go up. It can also get rid of status conditions such as poisoning or paralysis.

The higher their affection, the more likely they'll land critical hits or dodge attacks.

4. Poke Pelago

I love the idea that my Pokemon in the PC aren’t just sitting around in a box! Poke Pelago lets you do various things. You can grow your own berries, harvest Poke Beans, allow you Pokemon (or eggs) to relax (or hatch faster) in the hot springs, allow them to exercise, or even let them go exploring where they can bring you back cool items.

The Poke Beans are what you feed your Pokemon in the Refresh as well as leave them in the Pelago to make things happen faster, such as growing your berries. The Beans will also attract wild Pokemon who may or may not decide to join your team.

5. Rotom Pokedex

I have never fully filled my Pokedex. I got close in Pokemon Pearl and even closer in Pokemon X. Having Rotom makes me even more determined. He’s supportive and encouraging and he can evaluate your dex and give you hints on where you should go to get more Pokemon.

That aside, he’s just adorable. I loved how they utilized a new form for him to help us out and be a map. I loved his personality and that he showed us the way to go throughout the game. It was refreshing to have the Pokedex be in a different form and have more importance rather than just recording our Pokemon encounters.

Of course, there are so many other features in Pokemon Sun and Moon that I absolutely loved, but these are just to name a few.

What were some of your favorite new features in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

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