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As far as we know they're millions of supernatural occurrences out there that we cannot explain for sure (unless you're a skeptic). Day in and day out we find something new mostly around the web or by someone claiming to have had some sort of experience. Whether it's big foot making a comeback for the thousand time, maybe it's aliens or anything remotely ghostly caught on tape, as much as we want to believe we don't know for sure if it's the real deal or someone hoaxing it in order to get their 15 minutes of fame. Some of the cases down below are notably known for fooling a lot of people, while some believers still claim that they are nothing but true.

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1. The Enfield Poltergeist

You might have heard of the next case recently due to the big box office success of but not everything depicted in the movie really happened and some people claim, that it was nothing but a hoax. Yes, there was some parts of the story that had been proven to be true, but the credibility was tarnished thanks to the trickery of the youngsters. I won't spoil much since the movie itself it's pretty much self-explanatory (and I'll let you be the judge) but something that started as a legit haunting, unfortunately, ended up in shambles.

While some of the events such as the moving of drawers, unexplained knocking, and tension in the household did, in fact, happened, the rest of it was proven to be false and staged by the SPR researchers who originally investigated the case besides Ed and Lorraine Warren. They found that Janet, one of the 4 kids involved in the case and the one that most of the activity originally was centered on was indeed making the stuff up. She was caught on film (a camera was set up next door) bending spoons and attempting to bend an iron bar. She was also found sitting in her room on the floor after according to Janet, she had been thrown by an "entity" when in reality, she kept jumping on her own while making flapping noises and weird movements with her hands. The case has been filled with lots of controversies, but that didn't stop horror director James Wan from releasing a sequel to the Conjuring, titled The Enfield Poltergeist.

2. The Cardiff Giant

Standing tall at 10-foot (3.0 m) The Cardiff Giant was the figure of a petrified man found by diggers that were working on a farm owned by a man called William C. "Stub" Newell, digging a hole for a well on October 16th, 1869 in Cardiff, New York. Immediately after the discovery of the so-called "giant" everyone wanted a peek at the newly found oddity, so it was put up on display and charged 25c for the first two days and 50c thereafter. With newspaper outlets spreading the news of the discovery, many archeologists, and renowned scholars determined the giant was a fake.

Known businessman P.T Barnum (Owner of Barnum and Bailey, also the owner of the Fiji mermaid) offered Newell $50.000 for the giant, but Newell refused. Barnum was so upset when he was turned down, that he decided to hire someone to make an exact replica of the giant and pass it as the original. For a time there was an ongoing battle of this is the original giant, not yours, that both of them ended up in court. Due to the scandal, the judge was so overwhelmed that he decided to put an end to the feud. On February 2nd, 1870, both giants were revealed to be fakes in court. Now the original Cardiff is on display at the Farmers Museum in Cooperstown, New York, and Barnum's fake in Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

3. War of the Worlds

On Sunday, October 30, 1938, Columbia Broadcasting System radio network and director and future filmmaker Orsen Wells, performed a live episode version of the novel "War of the Worlds" by H.G Wells. The first two-thirds of the one-hour broadcast was presented as a series of non-stop simulated news bulletins, creating mass hysteria since people around the country believed there was an actual "Alien Invasion" the narration by Wells was so believable, that days after the show, media outlets were outraged by the hoax, stating they were deceptive, in regards to their original intentions this secured the career of Wells, as a brilliant dramatist.

4. Mythical Unicorn Sighting

About 6 years ago a video portraying one of the most adored mythical creatures of all time, a unicorn, surfaced on the web and got thousands of hits on Youtube. People were lead to believe, that the magical creature had been captured on video by an unsuspected yet intrigued bystander. The video caused fuzz around enthusiast and nonbelievers, was the unicorn real? or fake? After a while of debating and people actually believing the existence of the rare creature, it all turned out to be fake. The hoax was created as part of a viral marketing campaign from the "Ontario Science Center" to promote their newly added exhibition "Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids"

As much as our hearts were lead to believe the actual existence of the creature and while some people were upset to find out it was not true, it all paid off in the long run. The exhibit was a success, thus proving that a little white lie never hurt anyone. The video was also shown on the Syfy's short-lived series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, where they immediately came to the conclusion that it was fake.

5. Bigfoot

Where do we start? I'm sure everyone has heard (or even seen) Bigfoot at one point of their life or another (I for one haven't). He's been seen in forests, wooded areas, isolated ones, mountains, trails and so on, there are people who claim that they've dedicated their life (in whole or part) to find the legendary creature. Since they're so many hoaxes out there that range from Bigfoot in a freezer, from his DNA being found and even a Bigfoot bride, I decided to tell you about the most controversial one of them all. In 1967 two friends Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin set out for a day of horseback riding. They decided to take their video camera to make a documentary about Bigfoot and to see if they would be lucky enough to catch it. Well according to them they got pretty lucky and captured NOT only Bigfoot but what they believed to be a female version of the creature.

As soon as the video was released to the public skeptics smelled it a hoax, not only did the creature have the "wrong" anatomy but it had some weird movements that pretty much didn't match up and of course others pointed out the "coincidence" of their sudden finding. After much review and heavy publicity, scientists came to the conclusion that it was nothing more than a man in a suit, later down the road they ended finding out the two imaginative friends, purchased a "furry" looking suit that resembled the creature for their little film. There's really no concrete evidence till this day, but the people from Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" might be close to finding him.

6. Mermaids The Body Found and Mermaids The New Evidence

Another fabled creature that graces our list is the infamous and beautiful tale of the mermaid. Drawing Animal Planet's largest audiences ever with 1.9 million viewers, Mermaids the Body Found was a "documentary" style film that told the stories of several scientists who were in search of the creature after finding underwater recordings of an unidentified marine body that to be believed belonged to a mermaid. Among telling very convincing and engaging information that kept you glued to your seat, they also explained that most of their research data along with the seizure of their domains and most important part of their crew "missing" or in hiding, the world couldn't wait to hear more about their journey.

A year later the crew was back with Mermaids: The New Evidence where they showed re-enactments, stories and even more clippings and evidence in regards to the legendary creature. The story was so compelling and believable that millions of people believed this to be the truth, but sadly it wasn't. After the airing of the second show, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had a say in the matter and rebutted everything that was said on the show. The "scientist" were paid actors, no one was actually missing or in hiding and the show was totally scripted for t.v. and there was no such thing as government involvement or seizing of anything, no word on what happened to the people involved in the project, but I don't think we will be hearing from them anytime soon. Some people still question, was this real? Or in reality was indeed true and they are letting us believe it wasn't? You decide.

7. The Piltdown Man

It took scientists 45 years to discover that the famous Piltdown Man was in actuality nothing but a hoax. Said to have been the first evidence of human evolution between ape and man, the cranium found was presented as the fossilized remains of a "head" which consisted of a skull and jawbone dating back to 2000 B.C or so. Fast forward 45 years later and the cranium was found to be nothing but an elaborate lie made up by owner/collector Charles Dawson. The so-called "Ape Finding" was nothing more than the altered mandible and some teeth of an orangutan and the cranium of a fully developed but small-brained, modern human.

8. The Pickled Dragon

On December 2003 a man by the name of David Hart claimed to have found a "Pickled Dragon" in his garage in Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire. The specimen that resembled more of a fetus was found preserved in a jar filled with formaldehyde. He said the jar had belonged to his grandfather whom in his younger years worked at the Natural History Museum and told him that he saved the jar from being destroyed and was later misplaced and found in his garage 20 years later. After the extraordinary discovery, David showed the dragon to a friend named Allistair Mitchell, who runs a marketing company.

A year or so later we came to find out that the so-called "Dragon" was nothing but an elaborate hoax. The dragon was made by model makers behind the t.v. series "Walking with Dinosaurs" that airs on BBC. The hoax was a publicity stunt that was made up by Mitchell, who was trying to publicize his novel and apparently the scam worked because he's was signed to one of the major British bookselling chains in the U.K.

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