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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!

After watching Nerve and noticing that Dave Franco is not only in that movie, but that he is also in the movies Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2(They could've called the sequel Now You Don't or Now You See Me Too! But they didn't!). With this connection, it got me thinking... is Nerve a sequel to Now You See Me?

The Game Changer

Granted that Dave Franco has different names in both movies, but if you notice in Now You See Me his character had to fake his own death. He even kept a low profile throughout the second movie until he was eventually revealed.

What if between Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 Jack Wilder a.k.a. Dave Franco, got caught up in the addicting game of Nerve and had to change his name to Ian. Think about it, in the movie Nerve he even tried to keep a low profile of who he really was. It wasn't until later on in the movie that Vee's friend Tommy did some digging to find more dirt on Ian's dark past. But what if Tommy missed something in his dirt digging?

Jacks Are Wild

What if Jack Wilder isn't really his name? Think about it, in my post about Now You See Me 2, I explained that Jack Wilder is symbolically a Jack in the cards. It would make perfect sense to have the last name Wilder because Jacks are wild!

We've Seen This Before

But that's not the only connection. After Vee finds out what really goes on in the game she tries to expose the people responsible for it. This type of action is similar to the female characters motive in Now You See Me. You might remember her as Henley Reeves played by Isla Fisher. Reeves, along with the other three Horsemen tries to expose the bad guys in the movie.

What do you think? Is Nerve a sequel to Now You See Me or am I just playing you? Let me know in the comments below!

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