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When Rogue One came out over the Christmas break, the buzz was not only about how great the movie was, but also the phenomenal usage of CGI for the then aged and now deceased actors in the film. The question that I'm sure is on most moviegoer's minds are, is CGI going to replace real actors in the future?

It makes one wonder if our future of entertainment will be much like Ari Folman's The Congress with Robin Wright as herself.

Like I said in my other post about CGI. This isn't the first time CGI was used to recreate an actor either for de-aging or if the actor has passed during production of the film that they were currently shooting.

I personally think it is a great idea! It's almost like immortalizing the actor by saving their youth digitally, only to be used for future films. Tom Cruise even has a digital copy of his youthful self stored away in his personal archive. But when is it too far?

When Is CGI Okay to Use?

It's a hit or miss for when it comes to topics like this. But if I was in the directors chair, I would only use CGI for when the actor passes during production or schedule conflicts with actor being in too many movies.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

When Is It Not Okay to Use?

I think the big one for when NOT to use CGI is if the graphics for the late actors are terrible beyond compare! The last thing we want to hear are the fans complaints about how the actor is supposed to look like to them.

I think it would be a bad idea to create a CGI for a deceased actor without the permission from either a family member or a close friend. I mean it's common sense as wells as common courtesy to show respect in any given situation.

What Can We Gain From using CGI?

This will surely open up more opportunities in the acting pool. There are a lot of voice actors out there who can do impersonations of other actors whether they are old or have passed.

Even if they don't have a voice actor who can imitate the late actor's voice, with the technology we have now it is still possible to get the job done!

I mean they even used the voice of Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Force Awakens, by taking the part of the word "afraid" and making it sound like "Rey".

I say, if CGI is going to replace the actors in the future, then it must be better than the CGI that we've seen in the Shrek films and Beowulf! So why not take some old audio or visual recordings of an actor, who has passed, and use it for future films? We may very well resurrect deceased actors to reprise their roles for future movies. Now the question is...

What Actors Should We Bring Back?

If we can bring Peter Cushing back from the dead in Rogue One, then why not bring back these actors:

1- Chris Farley

I would have his body double be either his brother Kevin P. Farley, SNL's Bobby Moynihan or Kevin James; who's basically been in movies that Chris Farley could've been in, had Farley still been alive. Being in the director's chair, I would have Farley come back to reprise his role as Matt Foley or even see him do the voice for Shrek.

Chris Farley as Matt Foley
Chris Farley as Matt Foley

2- David Bowie. I would have him come back for the Labyrinth 2 and possibly be in Zoolander 3 to redeem what was done in Zoolander 2.

Labyrinth 2
Labyrinth 2

3- Anton Yelchin. I would have him come back for Fight Night 2, that will be better than the 2013 release. He already did a great job in the 80's remake, why not take on another remake?

4- Robin Williams. I would bring him back as Hugo Strange for the Nolan's fourth installment of The Dark Knight movies! And Also for the New upcoming Jumanji movie!

Robin William's as Dr. Hugo Strange! I'd Watch it!
Robin William's as Dr. Hugo Strange! I'd Watch it!

5- Alan Rickman. I would recreate a younger version of him for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movies that would possibly lead up to how he became the Half-Blood Prince.

6- Heath Ledger. I would bring him back in the Nolan's fourth or fifth installment of the Dark Knight movies! Because what is Batman without The Joker? He could even work alongside with Williams' Hugo Strange!

Heath Ledger as The Joker
Heath Ledger as The Joker

Which actor or actress would you bring back from the dead by using CGI? Let me know in the comments below!

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