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Helloooo! Great to finally break from the usual stuff and announce some news to you. For the longest time, I have been looking for a new partner in crime to help me create new content and write reviews that I can't cover due to other commitments. He and I have been back and forth talking about how to join up to create content together. He's been a supporter of the work I do on here and he's expressed interest in being apart of the platform that I have joined not to long ago. Meet Nate. A fellow film geek and a close friend of mine. Down below is some info about him and a Q&A that we just sat down to dig deeper as to why we thought joining up would be a fun new adventure.

Let’s start with the bio.

Name: Nate

Age: 22

Employment: Retail

Top five films:

1.The Great Escape (1963)

2.Dr. Strangelove

3.Kingsman: The Secret Service

4.El Dorado (1966)

5.Doctor Strange

Top five worst films:



3.Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

4.Evil Dead (2013 remake)

5.The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Here's a little insight from him about why he likes films and how he see me as a fellow reviewer:

I've always loved watching movies from an early age. Everything about them fascinated me. As I got older, I loved watching them more, but this time writing mini reviews. Eventually I was going to the movie theaters/watching movies about 2-3 times a week. I've been writing reviews for about 7-8 years now. I've only started seeing movies with this guy for a couple years, because he shares my love of movies. Now Kiko is a great guy to debate movies with, but he's sometimes a little too aggressive with his opinions. That's okay because I usually find a way to mess with his opinions all the time.

KG: Nate! Hey there buddy! I’m finally glad to finally have you into the Ranting of a Geek fold! So what’s it like to finally have a space to officially debate and review movies?

Nate: It's pretty awesome. Finally have a place to review movies besides Twitter. Plus it's no fun reviewing alone.

KG: Agreed. I always find it fascinating to talk to someone else who share the same passions for movies as I am. I know we’re about a decade apart,but you really understand the fandom and know what intrigues you. What was the first film to draw you into films in the first place?

Nate: Let's see… it would probably be either Bullitt (1968) or McLintock. Both are fantastic films and star two of my favorite actors.

KG: So you grew up on some really good classic films? Not bad. I would say the same,but I kinda grew up on some old cartoon films when I was younger. Now you do remember your first movie you saw in theaters and how did that impact you as a film goer?

Nate: I believe it was Star Wars Episode 1 with my family. I'm not positive, but I believe that is the one because I remember asking for the movie on VHS and my parents surprising me with it on DVD.

KG: Not bad. I remember my whole 8th grade class went to see a showing of Episode I. It was kinda my first Star Wars film that I watched as well. I even remembering getting it on VHS as well. The first film that I watched in theater was the first Turtles film. I loved the cartoon show,but I adored that first film. Now let’s switch something to more recent. Do you remember the first film we saw together and how that cemented our friendship?

Nate: I believe the first movie was…… Oh man I'm not sure… I think it was a Marvel movie?

KG: Wasn’t it The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Nate: Might have been. Or was it the first one? I can't recall. Well let's just say we saw a movie and that's it.

KG: The first one came out in 2012 and the sequel came out 2014. Sooooo.. I’m pretty sure it was that one.

Nate: Well then it was that one. Good times.

KG: Didn’t you like and I hated it?

Nate: I am pretty sure we both thought it was okay.

KG: Hopefully we’ll get to revisit that film in the near future. Before we get started on our first joint article/review in the near future, what big films are you excited to review next year and what film will be the box office king of 2017?

Nate: Well obviously looking forward to the new Marvel movies that I'm super excited for. The LEGO Batman movie as well. Plus movies like the new Kingman and John Wick. Also the new XXX movie is coming out, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm currently writing a review for Doctor Strange. In my opinion, the biggest box office hit will either be Logan or Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

KG: You totally forgot Star Wars Ep.8! Come on man. You and I both know that’s going to be the biggest hit of 2017!

Nate: Not necessarily. Remember what happened with episode 7? People were uber excited and then some were disappointed. It may get great opening weekend numbers, but that may not hold. Besides we don't know for sure. We have a lot of heavy hitters in 2017. It's going to be a great year for movies!

KG: Very true. I’m sure in the near future that we’ll pick the films we want to go see in 2017 for our readers to check out. Thanks for taking the time out for all this. I’m glad to finally get something going for Ranting of A Geek.

Nate: Of course! I'm glad to finally have a place to put my reviews besides Twitter. We are going to have a lot of fun.

KG: Definitely for sure buddy!

Stay tuned for new articles and new reviews within the coming days between Nate and I. We'll have a slate of new announcements of what's coming next within the next few weeks. Don't forget to share and follow Ranting of A Geek with friends and family, and we'll see you when we'll see you.

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