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By Nate Jensen and Kiko Gomez


Another big trailer just got released. It’s another franchise that been jumping the shark since it inception. A new Fast & Furious is coming out next year, and boy, this one a doozy. Take a look at the trailer below. Right after that, Nate will give out his following remarks first and then myself thereafter.


So the new Fast And Furious trailer dropped the other day. And wow, I'm actually looking forward to a F&F movie I haven't done that since Fast Five. I mean Vin Diesel's character going off the rails and working against his family? Awesome! The rest of the team, including Dwayne The Rock Johnson, teaming up with Jason Statham? Even better. My only concern is that they're going to try and bring Paul Walker's character back somehow. Overall, I'm actually looking forward to the next trailer.


I'm a F&F fan. They have clearly made tons of money over 15 years that this franchise has started in 2001. While original the title is going to be, “The Fate of the Furious”(horrible title), the U.K. trailer was digitally re-edited to be called, “Fast and Furious 8”. At least the title isn't dumb like, “2 Fast 2 Furious”(even though I like saying that title a lot when I'm in a car with someone). Now, Furious 7 should've of been the series closer. It tied a lot of narrative threads together and gave the late Paul Walker the perfect send off. There's only one film in the series that didn't include Paul Walker’s character, Tokyo Drift. We had at least five films with Vin and Paul together. So, we're going to miss the brother in arms dynamic in this new film. As stated before, this new trailer is a doozy. You have a wreaking ball, a betrayal, a team up, a submarine, and a kiss that questions the motives of Vin Diesel’s Dom. You don't need much plot reveal for a F&F film. The F&F franchise has gone into a revival since 2011’s Fast Five. Furious 7 made a billion worldwide, so the bar is set very high for this new F&F film.

Nate’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Kiko's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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