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Some of these actresses are so damn hot, they ruin movies by have a speaking part. You ever heard the phrase " Shut up, stand there and look pretty " then this applies to them.

Megan Fox

If you seen Jennifer's Body, Transformers 1&2 then you probably watched it on mute.


Just sing and dance please...that all you have to do..sing and dance.

Jessica Biel

still trying to figure out how Justin Timberlake puts up with her.

Jessica Alba

If you make a movie and cast her in it...just give her a bikini and tell her to tread lightly.

Jennifer Freeman

And she wonders why she's only known for " My wife and Kids".

This is just good old harmless fun. I think all of these actress are in there position because they display good talent. Much like a MoviePilot Roast.

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