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Redace Productions has done it again, first it was the Power Rangers and now the Avengers! The Singer Redace himself has took the liberty into making the Avengers theme come to life by switching it to a brutal Metalcore cover with his own lyrics that pays tribute to the movie. To check it out You should click on the Youtube link and tell him what you think about it... Also rumor has it he is gonna attack another Comic Book Character within this month for the fans stating "Yeah i do rap covers but i am more Metal than anything and the Metal Fans deserve to hear covers of their favorite Movies, Games, etc." When asked who the next comic book character he was gonna tackle, Redace just simply smiled and almost gave away the answer.. "Well i would say it involves a city that is always dark ridden with crime." More details on what is next will follow but until then just enjoy this awesome track if You are into Metal please share and Stay tuned to Redace Productions on Facebook, @RedacePro on Twitter, Redace Productions on Youtube, and Redace Productions on Soundcloud for more epic music!

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