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Since its release back in March of this year, Hitman has slowly added new locations and other content episodically over the months to keep us coming back to the assassin simulator. One of the most praised features of this latest installment is the 'Elusive Targets' -- specific contracts that are only available for a limited period of time and, more importantly, give you only one chance to take down your target. Not to mention the fact that they do not appear red when using instinct. Forcing you to memorize the face of the person you're attempting to strangle when their back is turned.

So far IO Interactive have offered us a selection of targets each with their own quirks from a set of identical twins; one of which has hired you to kill his sibling and the only way to tell them apart is the target wears a gold watch, to a potential successor to The Pope. Each presented a new challenge and tested a player's knowledge of the contract location. With the additional optional challenge of taking them out without anyone knowing, these are the ultimate test for a hardcore fan.

However, the latest person to end up on the ICA's radar is by far the most interesting to date. Not content with having players murdering fictional characters, the developers have tasked them with assassinating a real person, in game that is. They started a competition back at the end of March, giving voters two options, to kill either Gary Busey or Gary Cole. Watch the video below to see the celebrities' reasons for why you should've voted to kill them:

After months of voting the results are in, and the winner is...

Gary Busey

"How am I doing today Gary Busey?"
"How am I doing today Gary Busey?"

Whether or not this '80s and '90s star was the one the developers themselves had lined up as the favorite is unknown. Nevertheless, based on the lines they've written for him or at least I assume they did; you can tell they had a lot of fun with this contract. Some highlights including telling the director to make everyone on set to chant 'Busey' to guide him back to them or cleansing a grave in the town cemetery of evil spirits. Easily the best moment however is when he is contacted about appearing in a video game, to which he declines before brainstorming his own idea for a game, called Busey Bear, in which he will go around hugging away all the sadness in the world. You know what? Maybe he did just come up with these lines himself, it is Gary Busey after all.

Fans of Gary Cole don't worry, he does also appear in the contract but of course he's not the one you've been sent to kill. Still if you're willing to sacrifice your chance at the Silent Assassin award you can also play a part in his grisly end. I'm sure you are all professionals of the highest degree however and would never dream of doing such a thing.

Check out the video below for more information on the contract:

Hitman: Episodes 1-3 are out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC