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The year 2017 is already ringing it with rumors circling the . The last bit of 2016 ended with a rumor about Black Manta joining the Aquaman film, which was said to be announced this month. Now, Wayne Enterprises made sure to post this rumor about Viggo Mortensen possibly portraying the Darkseid, just a few days into the new year. Here it is from their Twitter account:

It's uncertain whether the rumor is actually plausible, even though they've managed to include him making his debut appearance as a cameo in Justice League. That information seems accurate, especially for the simple fact that he's the actual threat these heroes should be concerned about. So, setting Darkseid up before his grand entrance into their world in Justice League 2 was sort of a no brainer. Now, if Viggo Mortensen is in the running for the role, we should see if he checks out.

What Mortensen Could Actually Offer.

First things first, the Danish-American actor is no stranger to the structure of action movies. He's had numerous projects involving the strenuous activity, but his most notable role hands down, would have to be Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He's even dabbled in post-apocalyptic driven genre's, like the 2009 movie The Road, so portraying an alien aiming to bring similar results seems almost fitting for him. Even though . is known for grabbing actors with huge awards like Oscars and Golden Globes, Mortensen has undoubtedly been a nominated recipient of both, and this year he is nominated "Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama" from Golden Globe for his role in Captain Fantastic.

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Darkseids' Capabilities

Now, isn't just some role. The has had various battles with and has even won a good number of them. He's always been displayed as a daunting figure with multiple abilities throughout his endeavors. More so, because of his list of abilities extending from:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Speed
  • Durability
  • Flight
  • Energy and mass manipulation
  • Telekinesis

These are just a couple of Darkseid's known powers. The is certainly a bigger threat than and would probably have a few, if not all of his comic book counterparts' abilities. So, could do well as the ruler of ? Well, that's a huge possibility, especially with the critically acclaimed roles backing him up from his busy career.

We need our Darkseid and Mortensen seems quite fitting for the role. or not, the movie will be arriving soon and let's not forget about the various trailers and Tv spots that'll come before it. Right now, we are only 10 months and 10 days away from the release of Justice League on November 17, so hopefully we'll find out soon.

What are your thoughts on this rumor about Viggo Mortensen?

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