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Fans of the have been kept busy with a few rumors, a couple casting announcements and a bunch of Wonder Woman... well, everything. Once again, Zack Snyder made sure to bring a special treat for everyone. The director behind the newly formed team-up film, Justice League, made sure to post a new photo over on his Vero account, so check out the amazing photo below.

Once again, the main man Snyder brought a little gift for the fans. It isn't clear on if it's an empty suit, or if Bruce––sorry––Ben Affleck is rocking the cowl and cape. Either way, things are looking quite stellar and leaner from the previous suit in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The angle of this photo doesn't allow us much grace to see if he has any body armor, but from the lack of headwear around his cowl we can see he's not wearing any goggles. The last solo photo of the vigilante was with him donning a little more armor than this while sporting a nice pair of goggles, so maybe this is his normal appearance.

Then there was the picture of the , Wonder Woman and Flash a few weeks ago. Following that was a nice picture of the entire team standing amongst an opened door. Who knows what else will come next on the rising social networking app, Vero, or from any other social media. So, if you're interested, you can download the app here, or you can follow on his Twitter account.#

Justice League enters on November 17th.

What are your thoughts about the new image?

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