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Sony's and Disney/Marvel Studios recent hit, Spider-Man: Homecoming continues kicking in the box-office, giving audiences everywhere an epic adventure filled with and nods to various MCU projects, and other franchises. Just like the major Star Wars Easter Egg, or the clever "Go Get 'Em Tiger" inspiration director Jon Watts took from the comics, the film definitely knew how to handle a lot at once.

This particular creativity is common for Disney, which influenced so many animated features in the past, like the 1989 classic Mulan taking inspiration from the Ballad of Mulan poem. Well, it seems the company may have taken a few inspired moments from their animated superhero-comedy, Big Hero 6, and placed them in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Check them out!

1. Spidey's Saggy Suit

Like the fact that Spidey's suit hangs loosely, prior to formfitting his body, resembled Baymax's deflating debacle. Tony Stark created the suit for emergency moments that may require a quick tussle in an ally, for instance, before being compressed and ready for action.

Spidey's short hassle went without laughter, and a similar thing happened to Baymax which left him flatulently deflating. Not until after his battery drained, which had left him entirely flattened and –– let's say, mockingly inebriated – were we able to get a full dose of hilarity about the appearance, as well as a clumsy attempt at reentry to Aunt Cass' home.

2. Heating Things Up

Not to mention 's suits heating mechanism for dire situations, like, say –– being drenched with water under bitter temperatures, which is exactly where he'd ended up. When Spidey first dealt with , he manages to get subdued and later dropped hundreds of feet into water. Then, once he was safely back on land, Iron-Man turned on the suit's heating component to warm him up a bit.

After the 'Hero' gang's run-in with the villain had left them in a river, they took to Fred's place for safety after the harsh encounter, and that's where Baymax activated the heating feature to warm them up.

3. The Robotic Teammate

Spider-Man is teamed up with Iron-Man, who's obviously more on the robotic side of being a hero. The billionaire uses a metal suit that fires from the palm of his hands, flies off of propellers on his feet, as well as hands; and even has the hulk buster, which can launch its fists at enemies.

When Hiro created the final suit for Baymax, he incorporated the same attribute, allowing him to strike enemies from afar with his detachable fists. He even granted the suit with wings and propellers on its feet, which appears extremely similar to Stark's suit.

4. Villains Fighting For Their Daughters

Even though Vulture didn't lose his daughter in , every action he took was to secure her future, and that is exactly why he kept up his unrelenting activities. His identity is even compromised, which left Peter to either take him down or let him be.

During the second act in Big Hero 6, the team and viewers were able to find out Professor Callaghan was the man behind the mask. That news was followed with how he survived the explosion at the beginning, and his reason for becoming the film's villain: to avenge his daughter.

5. The Upgraded Spidey Suit

In the movie, Peter's best friend made a few adjustments to his overall capabilities. He somehow manages to bypass Tony Starks "training wheels protocol," unlocking the suits' advanced features: giving him a ton of web variations among other things.

Though it was Spidey's suit that had gotten the upgrade, Hiro did the same to Baymax, giving him armor and the battle chip which download into his matrix, teaching him how to perform karate.

6. The Instant "Terminating Your Foe" Mode

[Credit] Grunin
[Credit] Grunin

Last of all, let's not forget Spidey's "Instant Kill" mode, which was shown a few times after Karen mistakenly chosen the function. When Spidey was asked to take things up a notch, Karen went head on hilariously suggesting the mode.

Spider-Man's moment wasn't as emotionally engaging as Baymax's immoral decision to try to destroy Professor Callaghan, before being united with Tadashi's chip, but it still felt inspired by the animated feature.

This interpretation of the web-slinger is already standing firmly on its own, while giving hints to various movie projects. And with Spider-Man: Homecoming being partially handled by Disney, this particular style of creativity seems inevitable anyway, so enjoy them as they come.

Did you find any inspired elements in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

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