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Uncharted has wrapped up for the time being. I can't imagine we will see a new one any time soon. Don't get me wrong Uncharted is certainly not dead just on hiatus. But the most recent entry in the franchise sold just over 8 million units. Those are some big shoes to fill. Well, the following list shows what the next big franchise for Sony could be. This list won't is including games like Death Stranding simply because it seem less like a franchise that Sony can monetize off of. Sure they might be a sequel to Death Stranding, but odds are Sony has no control over that.

  • 7. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony has big plans for Horizon. It's been well documented how excited Guerrilla team and Sony are for the future of this possible tent pole. An open world tech fantasy RPG that plans to take over your life in the coming months. Not only is it a new IP but it's also a leap of faith for the developers who up till now have solely worked on Killzone games. Always considered a pinch hitter for Sony Guerrilla has cranked out solid if not great entries for the PlayStation oeuvre. Horizons potential lands in its marketing push and the fact it looks like the product of a Farcry, Tomb Raider sleep over. Every game now days has RPG tendencies, but few games intertwine genres all that well. It will be interesting to see how well Horizon blends RPG elements with an Action/Adventure style especially coming from a studio known for its first person shooters.

  • 6. God Of War

Probably the biggest game on PlayStation platforms before uncharted burst onto the scene. God Of War was an excellent fighting game with a loose story about killing gods. Based on the most recent trailer it feels as if Sony San Diego is trying to make Kratos an actual character and not have him scream all the time. What seemed to be a more refined and less chaotic fighting system and a very realistic tone. Or at least as realistic as you can get for killing mythical monsters. God of War games have always been known for their beauty and ability to push the system hardware as hard as it could go and this rendition so far has not disappointed. God Of Wars potential lands on Kratos weather we play the whole game as him or not. He needs to be relate-able. Obviously, I don't want him to turn into Daniel Day Lewis. I just need some sort of emotion behind that gruff pale exterior. Beyond that, a compelling story and some sick God Kills would be a nice addition to a game franchise that has been MIA for a while now.

  • 5. Days Gone

Have you ever had that dream where you're riding on your motorbike on the open road with your truck-stop girlfriend on the back seat holding on to your love-handles whispering sweet nothings in your ear only to then have the dream interrupted by thousands of not quite zombies? No? Just me? Ok, well my dream has become a game or at least what my dream would become if I didn't wake up screaming. We've all seen that (scripted) demo by now. This game looks cool. I hate to say it, but until we see more, it seems like a Last of Us lite. Faster 'zombies' sure and a cool bike to roam around in but Days Gone potential lies in its ability to tell a different story than some post apologetic slog fest. Games like the Last Of Us outlive the zombie craze because it tells a deep story with great characters. If days gone can do a fraction of that then it's a certified hit.

  • 4. Spider-Man

Spider-Man can do anything a spider can. Have you ever heard of a spider selling a game? No? Neither have I and that's why most of Spider-Man's games (excluding Spider-Man 2) aren't worth your time. I've played them all and even got a platinum in The Amazing Spider-Man on PS4, so you know It won't take a lot of effort to sell a spider-man game. Activision knows this well. But this can be truly something special. It's potential lies in it's developer. Insomniac Studios are like your baby blanket. It's trustworthy. You know it's always there for you to give you a good product. Ok, the metaphor fell apart there at the end, but you know what I'm saying. Insomniac is the wily old vet incapable of making a bad game. Sure Fuse was iffy, but it wasn't bad. Insomniac is ten times better than any studio that has worked on a Spider-man game combined.

  • 3. Persona

Persona found its mark with the release of Persona 4 Golden on the PSVita oddly enough. At least that's where I jumped in. A Japanese-centric game with anime style characters is a tough sell as a widespread hit. Sure I love it, and you love it but for it to be a flagship it needs Joe six pack in Montana to buy it instead of UFC Fight Night 2018 or whatever. And I think that's possible. Look Final Fantasy is not what it once was. Whether you like the new one or not, it isn't the same And that entire audience is waiting for something like that. And maybe Persona can scratch that specifically Japanese itch. It's potential lies in its art style. I could blindfold you, and you'd still think Persona 5 is the most stylish game ever made. And that combined with a classic JRPG format is something the world is dying to play.

  • 2. The Last Of Us

Maybe the farthest one out and the one with the hardest name to sequelize. The Last Of Us could have 40 sequels by the end of its life cycle. It could also only have the one. It's tough to say what happens after the dust settles on part II but the popularity and world are just begging to be used in some larger capacity. Maybe Naughty Dog doesn't make any more and just hands it off to some one else. Now I know that sounds terrifying, But Tom Brady can't play forever if you catch my drift. I don't need to tell you what potential lies in The Last Of Us if you've played the game then you get it. If you haven't then what the hell are you doing reading this article?

  • 1. Whatever Sucker Punch is working on...

The mystery of it all. That's what puts Sucker Punch ahead of them all. That might also be it's potential. Nate Fox is crazy like a human, and he is the man that gave us the InFamous series. I think it's time we move on from InFamous honestly I like those games but I'd love to see what they come up with next. They have been dormant for a long time, and we could soon see them at this years E3. I mean Naughty Dog has the work rate of a rabbit in heat so why not shove Sucker Punch into the limelight.

Let me know what you think of the list! I'm sure I forgot someone. If I did let me know down in the comments.

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