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Father of 4 , Avid horror movie fan. Lover of all things paranormal and unknown !

Alot of people have this stereo type about gamers.

We are lazy slackers who smoke pot or do nothing but game.

well i am here to tell you about my journey as a big time gamer as well as a stay at home father of 3 kids!

Being a gamer is more than just playing a game for hours, its playing a game and getting into the game so much that the story consumes your dreams.

It can be a fantastic world to be in, playing a game so good that its all you think about.

Its a kind of euphoria that is hard to find. Being able to immerse yourself in a game is fantastic.

Having kids while being a big gamer is a whole different feeling. You can look at it one of two ways.

Either A, you play games and hate that you cant have much time to do so or B , you can teach your kids to immerse them selves into the game with you.

Video games get a bad rap, people say that it teaches kids to kill and cuss and do all manner of bad things.

Truth is if you do it right it can teach your kids to dream and build there imagination beyond any other.

Being a dad and a gamer has really brought alot of joy into my life and my kids life. It gives me something to bond with my kids and gives my kids something they can do with dad .

We are told our whole lives to go to school get a job and pay bills till we die. We need to show our kids that doing that is fine, but we also need to be able to dream. To be able to see beyond what we are told is real . To be able to imagine whatever we can and never give up our dreams.

Gaming is more than just a lazy way to waist time. It can be a learning experience . It can be a bonding time with your kids.

Dont let your kids grow up thinking that gamers are low lifes. Teach them to be open to the idea that games are good. Use your mind to free yourself from the stero type

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