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Father of 4 , Avid horror movie fan. Lover of all things paranormal and unknown !

Having a family movie night can be a good thing. Getting popcorn or chips and having your kids cuddle on the couch to watch the newest family movie.......but what if you are sick of tinkerbell or elsa and you want to watch freddy or chuckie just rip people apart, or watch the teenager run from the demon.

People say that kids should not be shown horror movies. It is said that kids who watch horror movies can become fearful there whole lives or become some crazy psycho killer.

Well i am here to tell you , from experience , that kids can be shown horror movies and not become anything other than a awesome kid !

First thing first , i am not saying to strap your kids down to a chair with there eyes tapped open and force them to watch a scary movie with you. Thats just nuts, but what i am saying is do what i do. I tell my kids that mommy and daddy are going to watch a scary movie. Then i tell them if you want to watch it you can . Most of the time they ask what it is about and i tell them. yeah they might acted a little scared but isn't that the point of a scary movie :)

I tell them what it is about and i remind them that , hey guess what , it's not real. It is just a movie. Most times they will sit and watch with us . We will all jump and get scared together and it is SO much fun! To share the bond of getting scared together is amazing.

All though i have had it turn on me. Example: I watched the 2012 movie The Possession with my then 5 year old and as i was jumping out of my skin almost the whole movie , she sat there staring at the tv screen not flinching at all........ Needless to say my man card lost some points that night :)

Any way , having the experience of your heart racing and palms becoming clammy and your blood pressure rising is a fun thing in it's self, but to do this with your kids is even more entertaining .

As a father i think the best part of watching a scary movie with your kids is the aftermath, when you go to put your kids to bed and they are afraid that the monster or ghost is in the closet or under the bed. This gives you the chance to become SUPERDAD!

Getting to beat up invisible monsters in there closest and seeing the look of absolute fascination. That look can make any man feel their weakest and strongest all at the same time.

I say again , don't force them to watch a scary movie with you. Give them the option and remind them that it is not real and its all for fun. you don't want them growing up to be afraid of there own shadow do you?

So in closing , if you have had enough of family movies every night and you just want to "LET IT GO" than introduce your kids to a new genre of movie. A genre that , in my opinion , doesn't get enough credit for bringing people together


Do you let your kids watch scary movies?

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