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...ut folks face facts. To do this film in hand-drawn, cel animation -- especially at the levels of detail and quality we've come to expect in recent years -- it would take studios approximately six to seven years to complete a finished film. Moana would have had to been started back in 2008 if that were the case, or else we wouldn't get to see this film until 2024. Traditional animation is always going to be the standard by which animators are going to be held to. But with the way society is today -- with it's "GimmieNAOW! " attitudes -- studios just aren't going to put projects on such lengthy time-tables just so people who want that "old-school" look in animation can be pleased. Not saying we should abandon traditional animation techniques, mind you. Those are still needed to allow up-and-coming animators to practice and learn what's needed. I just want people that are all "Ugh! So sick of CGI/3d! Give me my Old School Animated movies!" to realize the costs and the pro/cons of Traditional vs. CGI. You want it *fingersnap!* now? You best have that planned out well in advance or else you're going to have to wait a while. Otherwise, with CGI, it can be done in a quarter/half the time and -- with skilled artists and patience -- they can STILL give you beautiful, animated movies.

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