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...h does not evolve or grow eventually becomes static, stale and left behind while other forms of art continue onwards. Cel-shade animation is good. In the right hands it can create stunning visuals (I point out what Haiyo Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli has done as example), fast-paced action and touching visual cues. Yet, animation in any format cannot carry over without a good story. Plot, character development, twists the viewer didn't see coming, dialog, etc. etc. etc. The examples you gave as being less appealing -- Ratatouille, Tangled and Frozen -- all might have been done in Traditional animation, and still worked. But, there were a few things that were done in these films -- Snowflakes, sweeping effects, a morass of rats, Rapunzel's hair -- that were only possible because of CGI. As well, the STORY was the thing here, not the visuals that made these films good. A retelling of a classic fairy tale. The journey of self that Remy went through. The trials both worldly and personal sister's Anna and Elsa went through, before discovering where their true happiness lay. Yes, we harp on what made Disney animation great in its "Golden Years"... but Disney's favorite turn of phrase was "To keep moving forward". Cliche I know, but it still holds true to this day. Disney Studios hasn't rejected change, it embraces it. That is why the films will and can only get better as years advance. I say cherish the traditional made films, but don't feel we cannot embrace the new technology, because As I Learned with "Meet The Robinsons" there are always good gems to find if you just keep an open mind.

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