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For almost eight decades, Marvel hasn't failed to offer the world a sense of entertainment and allow their audiences to escape reality by walking through a world of fabrication and otherworldly, heroic characters. However, no one came to realize that it was actually becoming a problem. It was too "perfect", but the Luke Cage series broke those stereotypical boundaries and established a story that children can look upon at through its compelling narrative and significant characters. Luke Cage educates our youth of the societal conditions and the harsh perspectives that African Americans face in the urban areas. This opens their eyes to racial inequality and the other dilemmas that humanity faces, such as the 'Black Lives Matter' and the 'Hands up, Don't Shoot' movements.

1. Their Influential Characters Are Educating

Luke Cage (left), Pop (right)
Luke Cage (left), Pop (right)

A former hard-rock himself, Pop earned his name from the sound of his fists pounding hard on someones face. After facing time in prison due to a robbery charge, Pop decided to make drastic changes to his life for the better. This example gives our youth faith in making fresh starts and learning that it's never too late. Pop becomes a father figure to the majority of the characters and makes his Barber Shop a place of escapism for the young boys in Harlem to step away from the unsafe streets and threatening society.

Throughout the entire show, the driving force of Luke Cage's determinations is the motto that Pop goes by; "Always forward, never backwards". This sends a strong message to black viewers. He's a reminder that there's much more to life than your circumstances. He's a reminder that you are not your parents or where you come from. You are only your intentions and your choices.

The character of Luke Cage himself is also one of the most influential and unique personalities to exist in the Marvel universe. All simply for one reason; he's the realest of them all. His character is consistently breaking stereotypical boundaries; he's not Caucasian, he doesn't run around wearing latex, he's not a multi-millionaire who owns an empire, he dislikes being called a "hero" and he focuses more on fighting the faults in our humanity.

2. They Foreshadow the Issues Within Our Society

That's more problematic than you think. Everyone wants to be above the other. People make brutal and unnecessary sacrifices to be a step ahead. People are willing to devote their lives with corrupt and cruel minds. 'Luke Cage' addresses that issue through its villains and the unfair justice system that the show portrays.

3. 'Luke Cage' Proudly Represents the Black Culture

The show creates a beautiful portrayal of the black culture through their settings, costumes and exquisite soundtracks or music that are played throughout. This educates not only our youth, but everyone, of the culture than we tend to ignore. The show introduces us to a world we rarely accept and gives us a chance to experience and witness the beauty within it. This opens up perspectives and gives all African Americans hope and faith.

One of the most powerful scenes to resemble the black culture is when Luke Cage is held on gunpoint by a teenager. Some may say this is a spoiler, but it simply just speaks to reality.

Marvel being one of the largest empires to ever exist must be encouraged to create more groundbreaking shows like Luke Cage. The youth needs to be influenced and taken towards the right path when watching meaningful stories that face realism. We cant ignore those flaws and create perfect stories for children to believe that there's nothing wrong with the living world around them.

Thanks to the creators of Luke Cage, a small portion of our future generation is learning to grow with compassion and acceptance.

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