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Let me make this quick...This is a movie I encourage folks to watch and not let slip under big blockbusters for a few reasons.

Hell or High Water is a movie about 2 brothers robbing banks while being tracked by 2 veteran cops. Sounds easy, simple and plain right? Well that's because it is. This movie with the wrong execution could of been a complete bore fest, but no the slow script, great direction and astounding cast makes a triangle that would not be complete with one without the other.

The character development in this movie is the saving grace for this slow paced movie. While it's not a long one being under 2 hours, you feel like you did live out the past couple days with these characters and really get to know them. It had a very similar vibe to No Country for Old Men. There are many scenes that you can admit didn't serve purpose to the story or push it forward, but it simply is a gift because it gives you more about not just the character but the relationships on screen, and really caring for the cast who have some of the BEST on screen chemistry I've seen this year (maybe THE best). Speaking of the actors, I'm really rooting for the supporting actors of this film to get Best Supportive Actor Noms at the Oscars, but especially Ben Foster with easily the best performance of his career.

While this would be considered a crime thriller, don't expect to see a lot of gun shots and excitement through out because it focuses on building the relationships of the characters and making the moments that a gun is up much more nerve racking because you're invested with who is there.

I really can't think of any problems or flaws with this movie...Some might think that it's a little slow, but to me that serves purpose and gives us more tension when the thriller moments do hit.

Hell Above High Water 9.5/10

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