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Movies, games and shows are my thing I can talk hours on end with!

Now I'm willing to admit to my readers 2 things.

1, Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite directors working today.

2, I'm willing to admit his movies as of late have been a bit mixed, with the exception of American Sniper.

Now Sully is his newest film based on the true story of a man that saved many lives by pulling a emergency landing in the waters of New York. Is this movie pretty great, good, ok, bad? Well to me personally, I think it's the best it could of been, but what does that mean.

The direction of this movie to me is really great being that it's not going to focus on drama, irrational moments, and so on that you'd think a hollywood movie would have, but rather it focuses on the truth of what a situation like this would have been like and I personally really liked that and thought it was pulled off well!

Tom Hanks as Sully is just great! Sometimes he did seem like his serious self, but in this role he seems very on edge from the events that happened, focused on embodying a veteran captain being thrown in this with all of his experience, and being human. Not to mention Aaron Eckhart being great as the supportive actor/co-pilot.

What I really appreciated about this whole thing though is that it's real and also makes you conflict your morals going a little back and forth about if what Sully did was the right thing or not, which is impressive.

Now with how real it gets though don't expect it to be totally entertaining the whole time, or most of the movie to be the crash or something. The flaws to me are how the events kind of jump around now and then and the way that's handled, and even sometimes re-using scenes (but very sparingly) pulling you out a little bit. Also the ending to me was a bit abrupt, but I myself don't know what could of happened after.

Overall I'd recommend Sully as at least once and give it a 7/10.

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