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Alright, Swiss Army Man is the story of a stranded man who finds a seemingly dead body that has abilities that'll help him get back to civilization, but the body may be much more and curious about life.......Now then let's get on with it shall we?

This movie is one of the most unique movies I've seen to date, and probably has the most re-watch value of 2016 arguably. I can almost guarantee to a critical mind, you'll get something out of this thing every time you watch it with the way it's written, directed and to me most importantly, edited. Allow me to explain.

So I'm gonna warn you, this movie is quite the oddball and "weird" (if you watched the movie that word is gonna ring with you now). The setup of what the body known as Manny is and what he does is really curious and leads to some of the most real comedy I've seen in awhile. No poop, drug or immature humor here, just simply stuff that makes you laugh at what makes us human and also makes you fascinated with our culture. Manny is simply a being that wants to know what life is and getting the perspective from our protagonist Hank leads to so much character development for the both of them, but also reflection in ourselves.

Now the technical details are also quite a site to behold. This movie uses so much practical effects with little to no cgi that has infected movies these days, and you can feel the love the crew put into this movie through that. The music is so damn organic and fitting for this story not making you feel like this is a movie your watching, but something of a story. The editing I freaking love so much and while I don't predict the AFI will allow this movie into the oscars, I would hope to god it at least has the shot at Editing because while it breaks the code of "Great editing is the kind you don't notice." the obvious editing sometimes plays a crucial role in telling the story and is done so fitting that without it the movie may have fell flat and becomes as powerful as the great direction and script.

I said re-watch value earlier mainly because this movie, like Arrival, makes you think about everything that's happened and what it means once you get to the end, but to me even if there is a solid meaning to Hank and Manny's journey, it's still worth revisiting over and over to admire, learn from and notice something new.

Folks...I can't believe I'm doing this, but my first ever this year...10/10

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