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So in case my readers don't know, the Super Hero movie genre is now my most anticipated and favorite to behold in the cinemas. I'm really late on watching this one, but finally got to it and finally get to write a review that isn't...Well let's just go.

Suicide Squad features a pluffer of villains from the DC universe and goes off the idea that (sort of) Guardians of the Galaxy had being a band of misfits that try to do some good, but in this case it's actually a band of total bad guys that deserve to be where they are with the exception of the military operations leader and Katana (rad Japanese chick). It is also DC's shot at continuing to expand the clearly obvious DC Cinematic Universe. Now was this movie executed well or not you may be wondering...

While it's understandable the amount of characters in this is high, by the end of the movie I only found myself caring/liking Will Smith as Deadshot (who honestly is just Will Smith...Nothing that special about the portrayal of the character) and also has the most bad ass part of the movie. The guy that plays the fire bender, Diablo, had a interesting enough persona and backstory to me to sort of "like" him as a character, but not a lot. I could give a bit about each person, but one in particular deserves their own section to be talked about since it could of boosted this movie a lot...

Harley Quinn to me is a completely wasted opportunity to give us a way more interesting perspective and story to tell in the group. While she is honestly the most well played of everyone in the group to me acting wise, her story in this one is not interesting to me. Harley is known to be one of the most abused characters in the DC universe being a woman whose obsessed and in love with the seaker of chaos known as the Joker (speaking of which I don't got much to say about Jared Letto as Joker. He played it fine, but just me personally I didn't like the direction of the character in this universe at all and didn't feel the chaos that IS the joker). In this movie without giving spoilers, let's just say Harley has it so much easier than she does than her animated/comics give her. Maybe not at first, but once she's in she's in, and the thing is is that if they chose to go the route of Harley being the abused love sick puppy she is then to me that would of gave so much more sympathy with the character while ALSO giving the Joker a bit more a feel of the madness/evil he is. I could go on and on, but moving on.

The assembly of these characters was also to me sloppily done. I get that they didn't have much time to build each character, most of the movie is just them in the city to do their mission, but their introductions simply felt like a music video montage/documentary that I feel sorry the producers spent as much money as they did getting the rights to as many songs as they did. Spend more time on the characters in jail or something or showing off their skills rather than doing the music videos they did would of been better to me and using more time on the first act of the movie than the city, then while they're in the city have moments that reveal a bit as to why that character is how they are. Because honestly I felt no attachment to any of these guys except Deadshot when they're on their mission a recent movie I watched called Hell or High Water does it right...You can have little action in the movie as long as you build up interesting characters enough properly while making it entertaining.

Also the villain in this was another wasted opportunity to me, but can't get too far into that without getting into spoilers, but the motivation is completely absent other than "I'm a badder person doing something bad.".

While the movie isn't a complete crap storm with I'm guilty of yes enjoying the music they used now and then, the DC universe expanding a bit more, a couple of interesting characters, and 1 action scene in particular I liked, there is still too much negatives on the scale for me to outweigh the positives, and similar to Batman v Superman feel a wasted opportunity with this movie (but I did like Batman v Superman much more).

I give Suicide Squad a 4/10

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