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Though we have enjoyed an amazing run of superhero movies in recent years, there have been quite a few that were just insulting to their source material. But, through every dark cloud there is a single ray of sunshine. Some of these terrible movies have some awesome scenes that stand out from the rest of the awfulness. Here are some of the best scenes in terrible superhero movies.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The Surfer Himself

Say what you will about Rise of the Silver Surfer (terrible character development, how they f'ed up Galactus, the many, many other flaws that I don't have time to list) but the one thing they got right was the Surfer himself. A brooding, powerful, secretly tormented entity who lends a surprising amount of gravitas to any scene he's in. I doesn't hurt that he's voiced by Laurence Fishburne, which gives his voice an almost supernatural quality when compared to his slight frame. Some of the special effects used to show his cosmic power were also well placed, such as flying through solid matter like it's liquid. Yeah, the movie was terrible, but at least they got half the title right.

Punisher: War Zone

The First Shootout

What's the best way to introduce the Punisher in any medium? Show what he's best at. Namely, slaughtering a roomful of faceless mafia goons in the most brutal way possible. His entire infiltration of the mansion sets the mood, as the crime family prepares for a large banquet, unaware of the looming threat. When the lights go out, you know all hell is about to break loose, as the Punisher unleashes an unholy firestorm of bullets, blades, and upside-down-chandelier-hanging-while-firing-two-guns-akimbo. With this scene setting the whole bloody stage, you just know the rest of the film is going to be a hardcore, dark, violent mess with an absolutely non-existent storyline and terrible villain. Hooray vigilantes!

Ghost Rider

One Last Ride

The girl is kidnapped, the villain has the upper hand, and there's a ransom in place for a contract to be delivered to a town over 500 miles away. What's there to do? Kick up a sweet guitar version of Johnny Cash's "Ghost Riders in the Sky" before hauling ass across the desert on a flaming motorcycle and undead horse! The incredible shot above draws from a piece of artwork by the late David Mann, coincidentally called Ghost Rider, though having nothing to do with Marvel, and shows an amazing sense of past and future colliding, and serves as a sort of passing the torch scene (flame pun intended).

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Hell-Cycle? Try Hell-Bagger!

Ah, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The sequel that no one asked for, but we got anyway. After some laughably bad action scenes and a plot devoid of any semblance of sanity, we finally get to a rescue scene at a mining compound, where the Rider uses the powers of his hellfire to transform a Bagger 288, one of the heaviest mining machines in the world, into a fiery engine of destruction to annihilate the bad guys. Seeing the 13,500 ton monster cloaked in a sheet of flame is truly a sight to behold, and definitely a refreshing break from the painful mess that is the rest of the movie.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Weapon XI Fight

Well, here comes the hate comments. Yes, Origins completely screwed up Weapon XI (I refuse to call that abomination Deadpool). However, taking the scene at face value, it actually was a pretty awesome fight scene between two skilled badasses. Scott Adkins was actually under the makeup for most of Weapon XI's scenes, and it shows. Weapon XI is a powerhouse, capable of taking on Wolverine and Sabertooth with ease, and even survived being freaking decapitated and being dropped into a nuclear cooling tower. For what it's worth, a martial arts fight between mutants on Three Mile Island was pretty sweet.

Well, there were the scenes that stunk slightly less than the rest of the movies they were in. Have any scenes I missed? Got any complaints? Comment below!

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