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One of the biggest questions that has plagued fans since the first trailer released for Fate of the Furious is: Why in the world is Dom suddenly working for the enemy? This is especially shocking considering Dom has always put family first, no matter what. So what would make someone like Dom turn against everything he believes in? Well, the most recent trailer for Fate of the Furious may hint at the answer.

In the trailer, Cipher (Charlize Theron) says she needs to "remind him (Dom)" why he chose to work for her, to which he responds he had no choice.

Angry Dom
Angry Dom

The only reason Dom would be coerced into working against his family is if it meant getting another member of his family back. So who could this person be?

Brian O'Conner

Possibility of Appearing: Nil

Though this would have been a nice touch if Paul Walker was still alive, the filmmakers and actors alike have stated numerous times that Brian O'Conner is out of the franchise for good, out of respect for Paul's memory. Having him appear again through an almost entirely CG recreation would be tasteless and downright disrespectful, so he's out.

Mia Toretto

Possibility of Appearing: Low

Granted it's possible, but seeing as (in-universe) Mia and Brian wanted to leave the life of crime behind to raise their family, it is unlikely that Cipher could get to them, despite her vast resources. Out of universe, Jordana Brewster has a new television show, and has also said that she will not appear in Furious 8 (in an interview with People's Choice back in November).

In my mind, there is only one person who could possibly be used to sway Dom's loyalty. One who was thought dead, but whose survival is far more likely than most would ever suspect...

Gisele Yashar

The last we saw of Gal Gadot's character Gisele, she saved Han's life on the runway during the climax of Furious 6, apparently at the cost of her own. However, I believe there are some serious questions surrounding her death that we need to consider to truly rule her out of being dead.

1. Shaw Survived a Worse Fall

As we discover at the beginning of Furious 7, Owen Shaw actually survived his fall at the end of Furious 6, albeit severely wounded and in a coma. This despite falling headfirst out of a plate-glass window, from about twenty-five feet in the air, onto a runway at 150 miles per hour. This would have turned any normal person into a stain on the sidewalk, but apparently Shaw is freaking Wolverine, and survived anyway.

2. The Fall Itself

Gisele gives her life for Han
Gisele gives her life for Han

Despite traveling at roughly 150 mph (given the takeoff speed of an Antonov AN-124, and the fact that the plane was in the air), Gisele actually had much better chances of survival than Shaw (who actually did survive). She fell feet first, onto her back, and at a comparably slower rate of speed (the plane had only just left the ground). Given the survival rate of absolutely insane crashes in this franchise, Gisele actually had the best possible chances of survival (given her circumstances).

3: Cipher's Whereabouts

Cipher says in the latest trailer that she was there in Abu Dhabi and London (for Furious 7 and 6, respectively). It is not too far outside the realm of possibility that she followed them to Spain as well and recovered Gisele from the runway. It is also possible that she has been holding Gisele hostage as she recovers from her injuries, in order to leverage her against Dom.

4: Dom's Feelings for Gisele

As I said before, the most important thing to Dom has always been family. Especially in Fast and Furious, where we were first introduced to Gisele as Dom was still grieving for Letty. Though a relationship wasn't started between the two, Gisele and Dom had some tender moments together, and she was accepted into the family fold extraordinarily fast. It is clear that Gisele was loved by her family, especially Dom, and those lingering feelings could turn him to the "dark side" if she was threatened.

So what do you guys think? Could Gisele still be alive? Think I'm totally off base? Sound off in the comments below!

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