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In 2008, kickstarted their cinematic universe with the Robert Downey Jr. led Iron man. Not only did the film reboot RDJ's career, prove that Jon Favreau was a top level director and pave the way for the excellent , it also exceeded almost all expectations.

With a budget of 140 million USD, the film grossed a worldwide box office of 585.2 million USD proving that the time had finally come for comic book films on the golden screen. However, it appeared that things weren't going as smoothly behind the scenes. As the film entered production with two weeks rehearsal, the script just wasn't clicking.

Step forward Obadiah Stone A.K.A pop culture icon, Jeff Bridges. Appearing on The Hollywood Reporter’s Actor Roundtable, 'The Dude' recalled how he teamed up with Jon Favreau and RDJ to rewrite the entire script.

“Iron Man — we read the script, and it wasn’t really right, you know? We had two weeks’ rehearsal, and we basically rewrote the script,” Bridges told THR. “And the day before we were going to shoot, we get a call from the Marvel guy, saying, ‘Oh, no, no, no. None of this is right.’ So we would muster in my trailer and rehearse while the guys were in the studio tapping their foot, saying, ‘When are they going to come?’ We were still trying to figure out the [scenes] we were going to shoot.”

Since the success of the film, Marvel studios have went on to produce a plethora of successful comic book film adaptations. The success of the cinematic universe has seen the studio branch out into more obscure characters such as Black Panther, Dr. Strange and The Guardians of the Galaxy.

However, the sequels to Iron Man, although good films in their own right, struggled to capture the magic of the first. Perhaps it was Jeff Bridges extensive involvement with the first script that made it stand out so much, or maybe due to it being the first bonafide superhero film that felt worthy of its titular hero.

Regardless, we are thankful for Marvel taking a chance on RDJ, Jeff Bridges, Jon Favreau and trusting their incredible stories. The future has never looked brighter for Marvel with three films being released in 2017 as the studio moves further into it's third phase.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - May 5, 2017
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming - July 7, 2017
  • Thor: Ragnarok - November 3, 2017

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