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If (or when) the zombie apocalypse begins the weapon I would choose is the Machete for multiple reasons , not only for self defense from the blood thirsty brain eaters and Psychopathic 'survivors' it comes in handy for other survival techniques it helps you gather wood for fires, helps you kill animals or harvest plants for food, it also helps you cut any Brian's and brambles in your path. The Machete allows swift one hand movement and control so that the defender may use his other hand to do another task such as seal an entrance or move a blockade, etc. The Machete allows a person to cut wood and use it in a fire as well as using it against a stone to make sparks to start the fire. It also helps the person gut or clean an animal for food if necessary. By using the Machete as my zombie apocalypse weapon I have a weapon and other tools all in one it is large enough for defense and work but at the same time small enough to allow a quick escape when needed. In the Zombie apocalypse I would choose a machete for my weapon.

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