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Sometimes I feel like the publicity on movies like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is a lot like a presidential campaign. Pretty soon I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing Gallup polls for approval ratings on a weekly basis. One minute public opinion couldn't be more excited and happy and the next minute a movie has to try and dig itself out of a P.R. tar pit. And so it goes with Batman vs Superman - a movie that is still just under a year away but is already experiencing a full spectrum roller coaster of reactions to a recent teaser trailer and an epically divisive Joker photo.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of a Movie Campaign

And now we have an oddly bright and shiny new photo of Ben Affleck in the new Batsuit that may or may not have recently leaked onto the internet. What seems mighty suspicious to me is not just the stark brightness of the picture, but the strange positioning of the arms in the picture - which look a lot like the position of the arms in the official photo of the Batsuit that Zach Snyder tweeted a couple weeks ago.

This photo looks pretty good - its dark but you can see a nice amount of detail. It looks weathered and scarred, which is what this older, Ben Affleck version of Batman is supposed to be so it compliments the character well. You can tell there's a sharp eye and attention to detail in this work on the Batsuit and it might be a trick of the photo but there looks to be some different shades of color at play in the suit as well. At any rate, this attention to detail and all but completely absent in the supposed leaked photo that is making it's way around the world wide web recently.

Ben Affleck in the Batsuit... or is it?
Ben Affleck in the Batsuit... or is it?

There's also some weird things going on at the bottom of this photo around the belt that adds to my suspicions that this is just another piece of Photoshopped fan art - a booming industry that has really taken off with the Batman vs Superman movie. There are many inspired pieces of fan art for BvS, but I wouldn't really say this is one of them. Who knows - if you stare at anything long enough it can start to look a bit off. Maybe it is the photo that they used to make those two pieces of official poster art. But the picture itself and the probability rating that this is indeed an actual photo of Ben Affleck in the suit that we'll be seeing in the movie is right around 4.2.

Batman vs Superman With a Touch of Joker

There have been some big rumors surrounding the possibility that Ben Affleck's Batman could actually be making an appearance in Suicide Squad. Whether or not this is him simply filming the surveillance footage that was featured in the early reports on the Suicide Squad script or if this will be a legitimate Batman, or Bruce Wayne, appearance isn't at all clear. It could be as simple as Ben Affleck popping in to say hi to the cast and crew.

More curious is whether or not this is part some additions to Batman vs Superman to add a flashback scene to the movie in which the Joker is seen killing Robin. This is another rumor that has also been kicking around for a while now - establishing the reason why The Joker is behind bars in Suicide Squad. It makes perfect sense that this scene could end up being filmed during the Suicide Squad shoot now that Jared Leto's in his full Joker regalia - with or without those insane clown posse tattoos and teeth.

Batman vs Superman vs The DC Movie Universe

More disconcerting is the persistent questions about where this new shared universe is heading and what kind of vision DC and Warner Bros is putting together. The connections to Batman, Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman that Suicide Squad were continuing to establish were looking like positive signs until a rumor surfaced that Suicide Squad could actually turn out to be a prequel to Batman vs Superman - and things got really muddy really quick.

If a recent article by The Hollywood Reporter is to be believed, the DC Movie Universe may be in a tail wagging the dog situation - not having any clear path that would build towards the Justice League movies and simply throwing as many things to the wall as they can to see what sticks. The report has multiple frustrated writers working separately on Wonder Woman and Aquaman scripts with no clear idea of what's expected and constantly having to adjust to a DC and Warner Bros plan that seems to be in a very fluid state at the moment. I don't think we can't blame Michelle MacLaren for stepping out of this scenario after reading the article.

Batman vs Superman needs some more positive propaganda.
Batman vs Superman needs some more positive propaganda.

So who is steering this massive ship? Zach Snyder? Geoff Johns? WB's Kevin Tsujihara? A shadowy room with a big round table filled with suits? Someone has to step up and be given some power and trust. In defense of Warner Bros and DC - Marvel did have the benefit of having years following the success of the first Iron Man to carve their path towards The Avengers. It was three years after the release of Iron-Man before Captain America and Thor came out. But still, this is really something that could have been avoided and planned out around the same time the script was being written for Batman vs Superman. Why paint yourself into a corner when you don't have to?

What do you think? How has the recent [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) teaser and photos changed your opinion of the movie? Has it not changed at all? Do you think the DC shared universe just needs some time to rival Marvel? Share your thoughts in the comments section, dear reader!

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