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I like films, I like Star Trek more than Star Wars, and I used to read a lot of comics.

(This posting will include some plot details. Skip this if you haven't seen the film.)

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I liked Rogue One but I had a few problems with it. I think Peter Cushing's part should have been re-cast. It was nice to see the character again but I think it would have been better to get an actor to play the part. I am sure they could have found someone. The digital recreation was distracting.

Also, since when does Darth Vader make one-liners? Have I missed something? That seemed a bit off. It was not a terrible one liner guess but it did not seem like something Vader would say.

I did not care for a lot of the characters. I didn't hate any of them but I think maybe if I cared more about the characters maybe their deaths would have meant more.

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