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I like films, I like Star Trek more than Star Wars, and I used to read a lot of comics.

Dazed and Confused is a movie from 1993 set in 1976. It is by director/writer Richard Linklater. It is about a bunch of high school students in a small Texas town during the first night of summer.

It is good. It introduces some characters and spends some time with them and then introduces some new characters. Then the movie returns to some characters. It seems like it should be confusing but it is not. If there is a central character it might be Randy, the quarterback who feels pressured to conform to his coach's demands.

It is a fun movie and I think I've seen before but it has been at least nine years since I last saw it. I decided to (re-)watch it because I enjoyed Everybody Wants Some, which has been called a spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused.

I liked both movies but I liked Everybody Wants Some more. I am not sure why. I was not a jock in high school or college, so i am not sure why I like the movie about the college baseball team more than the other movie.

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