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I like films, I like Star Trek more than Star Wars, and I used to read a lot of comics.

The 2016 remake of the Magnificent Seven is good. Denzel Washington stars as Sam Chisolm, a warrant officer and marshal, who gathers a group of gunmen to protect a small town. This town is being overrun by a robber baron and his goons. These gunmen include a card-shark (Chris Pratt), a mountain man (Vicent D'Onoforio), a former rebel sharpshooer (Ethan Hawke), a Chinese blade expert (Byung-Hun Lee), a Native American (Martin Semsemier) and a Mexican outlaw (Manuel-Garica Rulfo). This is a more diverse cast of actors than the crew in the original movie but I don't know if this is a revisionist Western.

This is good and different than the original (which was a remake of the Seven Samurai). In the original the town was being attacked by bandits who rob the people and leave but return later. This time the villains want to drive the people from the land and one of the heroes has a past connection with the villains. Also one of the people who recruits the seven is a widow (Haley Bennett) and she wants to fight.

The movie lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes and has two big action sequences. These are good but there also some moments to explore some of the characters. Those are fun. Vincent D'Onoforio's dialogue is a bit hard to understand at first. It is nice to see Ethan Hawke and Denzil Washington in a movie together after Training Day. Chris Pratt has fun with his card-shark character. The rest of the cast is good but a few characters get less attention than others.

The original is better but maybe not a lot better. (Maybe I am being generous because it seems like a lot of critics do not agree with me.) The original has a better score and this version samples it at times. I think both are worth seeing.


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