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I like films, I like Star Trek more than Star Wars, and I used to read a lot of comics.

The Flash season three is interesting and good but at times frustrating or at least confusing. It might be the worst of the three Arrowverse shows this year but it is not really bad. I think Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are both better than they were last season but the Flash isn't better than last season.

I am not sure why the show has to have a different Harrison Wells each season. That seems odd, even if Tom Cavanagh is fun as the newest version of Wells. I kind of liked the second Wells too.

I want to see more of the Rouges. There are still a few Rouges the show hasn't used. I think the show misses Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold. I wouldn't mind seeing Mirror Master and the Top again either.

It is nice that Caitlin has a storyline that isn't about her relationship with a man. However it is a bit odd that her powers are threatening to make her evil. Every other meta who is evil seems to have been evil before they got powers.

It will be nice to see Wally get some more screen time and grow into his powers. He has been a good edition to the show. Sometimes I wonder if the cast is too large but so far the show has juggled the cast pretty well. Iris could use her own storylines though.

When will these people learn not to keep secrets? It always blows up in their faces. Maybe it is not as bad as it has been in Arrow but keeping secrets never works out in this show either.

I am still enjoying the show. I just wonder sometimes about the direction of the show and wonder if a shake up of the writing staff is needed. Okay maybe a third speedster as a big bad is not the most creative idea but so far it seems to be working out so far,

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