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I like films, I like Star Trek more than Star Wars, and I used to read a lot of comics.

Fox's show Lucifer is in the middle of its second season and it is pretty good. In this series Lucifer is out of hell and living in Los Angles and solving murders with a LAPD detective.

Yeah, that sounds silly and it can be silly at times. However it works. Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer and he's really good. Maybe without Ellis this show would sing like a stone. I like his co-star Lauren German as detective Chloe Decker and she works well with him.

The show is getting better in the second season. Lucifer's mother is out of hell and she has plans. Lucifer does not want to put her back in hell. Lucifer's brother Amenadeal is getting conflicted. There are still cases to be solved but there are more continuing storylines involving Lucifer's family.

The mystery of why Chloe's presence takes away Lucifer's powers or is immune to them has been revealed. If the show had gone too long without revealing that secret that might have hurt the show. Now the reason has been revealed but there are further questions.

This is a good show. The first season was 13 episodes long but I think season two will be longer. Season two is better than season one, so far. This is all loosely inspired by the comic created by writer Neil Gaiman and artist Sam Keith.

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