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I like films, I like Star Trek more than Star Wars, and I used to read a lot of comics.

Each year for the past few years, I've selected six or seven movies to re-watch. Sometimes with all the new movies coming out, it is nice to re-watch a movie. So, it is time to pick the films for this year.

  • Brooklyn
  • Creed
  • the Magnificent Seven (1960)
  • X-men
  • the Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • the Big Sleep (1946)

This year I am trying to pick a few recent films but also include a few classics. The original Magnificent Seven should be fun to re-watch and see why it is better than the recent remake (which is still good). The other classic for this year is the Big Sleep.

So after I re-watch the films, I will post some thoughts on the films.

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