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As we have seen in the past, tends to only introduce new Iron Man suits in and Iron Man movies. In the trailer for (check out my trailer breakdown here) we saw that Tony Stark will be wearing the Mark XLVI armour again (the same one as in ), meaning we are due for an awesome new suit to appear in 'Avengers: Infinity War'.

This post will be a rundown of the top 5 suits that I think are most likely to appear in . This list consists of the suits, their models, their abilities, and, where necessary, a bit of history surrounding them. The list is in no particular order.

5) Mark XXXVII: The Bleeding Edge Armour

The Bleeding Edge Armour
The Bleeding Edge Armour

To be honest, I would be surprised if this armour appears in 'Infinity War' but it would be very cool and would make for some impressive suit-up scenes.

The Bleeding Edge armour was co-created by Reed Richards and was one of the few suits that Tony created in Asgard (though both of these facts would have to be changed if this suit did enter the ). It was the first suit to be fully powered on Repulsor Technology (dubbed the Arc Reactor in the MCU) through Stark's new technology, the R.T. node (hence the many Arc Reactors). It uses nano-technology and is stored in Stark's bone marrow. It then bleeds out through his pores on command and assembles around his body. It can form into almost anything. This has the advantage of being able to repair itself if any part is damaged. Unlike all of the other suits, the Bleeding Edge armour does not rely on motors for movement but simply forms a new layer of machine around Stark's body that acts as another layer of muscular system. All of the suits repulsors (situated on the knuckles, chest, arms, legs, and palms) act as cameras, giving Tony a 360-degree view around his body and a tactical advantage.

4) Mark LI: Model-Prime

The Model Prime Armour
The Model Prime Armour

This suit only came into being after a 15-year-old MIT student called Riri Williams created an Iron Man suit (becoming ) as a hobby and Tony Stark and his abilities were placed under the limelight, forcing him to up his game. The introduction of this suit to the MCU would not have to change the backstory at all if my theory on the future of Iron Man and the introduction of Iron Heart into the MCU turns out to be true. I hope this suit is introduced because it would again make for some impressive suit-up scenes and semi-confirm my theory.

The Model-Prime armour is made up of hexagonal scales that can form into almost any weapon or machine and therefore allows the arms of the suit to take the form of different tools (as can be seen on the left). These scales can also change colour, meaning, unlike the Bleeding Edge armour, this suit can act as a sort of chameleon suit for Stark, giving him camouflage in sticky situations. The suit collapses into a bracelet when not being used (in a similar fashion to Stark's bracelet-gauntlet that we saw in 'Civil War') and the suit's systems are so advanced they can cloak its energy signature and any frequency emanation, giving it a 'stealth mode'. Its onboard A.I. is Friday, fitting in well with the MCU (after JARVIS turning into Vision). The suit can even produce small drones for environmental scanning.

I think that this armour is the most likely to feature in 'Infinity War' next to the Endosym armour (last on the list).

3) Mark XLII: Armour 616

The Marvel Now Armour
The Marvel Now Armour

This suit, though not meant for combat (just testing for a liquid metal that can form into the suit), has many Repulsor Cores, making it very powerful and fast, yet not so durable. The liquid metal forms around an exoskeleton created by Stark and makes this his fastest forming suit. It can form into a backpack, giving the wearer more arm and leg mobility and can form several different modules. The suit has no new weaponry of any kind but has a new and appealing aesthetic look. One major advantage that this suit has is that it is equipped with Stark Omniversal Multitasking Software given to him be Rocket Raccoon (giving it a nice fit into Infinity War) and meaning he can control it to deal with any situations on earth while with the .

I think that this suit is unlikely to appear but will be fused with another, keeping the aesthetics of this one but the abilities of another (possibly the Model-Prime)

2) Mark V: Space Armour

The Space Armour
The Space Armour

This suit actually has no new abilities other than it can go into space and it has sonar. It even has the ability to use sonar in space, which totally would not work, but it does somehow. I don't think this suit will feature exclusively in 'Infinity War' though makes it onto this list because the ability of space travel will probably be fused with another suit. Because we know that 'Infinity War' will take the Avengers to space to battle , the main feature of this suit will almost definitely appear in 'Infinity War'.

1) Mark L: Endosym Armour

The Endosym Armour
The Endosym Armour

The Endosym armour is based on the building blocks of symbiote biology. This suit is on the list because we know that will be appearing in the 'Spiderman: Homecoming' trilogy and the introduction of this suit to the MCU would be the perfect way to introduce symbiotes to the universe. If we do see this suit in 'Infinity War' Marvel would have to change it slightly so that Stark creates the suit, somehow sparking a symbiote gene or go wrong in the experimental phase and turn someone into Carnage. For those who do not know, a symbiote (in Marvel) is a parasite that latches onto and feeds off the life force of a host, usually human. an example of a Marvel symbiote is . As Pepper suggests in the frame on the left, building this armour is probably a bad idea and could very easily end in disaster.

The suit is made of a liquid smart-metal that hardens on impact with the user's body. This gives it much of the same uses as the Bleeding Edge armour but does not rely on technology and its start-up is purely psionic. This psionic link gives it the advantage of remote control and can be controlled by the user without the need for technology (it also needs no charge, is not affected by EMPs, and can't run out of battery). The suit can effectively 'feel' and is 'almost alive'. Therefore it has basic instincts of avoiding harm but has no actual intelligence. It can bond to anyone if ordered to by Tony, as can the other suits (apart from the Bleeding Edge armour for obvious reasons). It has the ability to grow in size and format (to a -like physique, for example) if more of the base metal is provided. The suit is even non-conductive and can survive lightning strikes should the occasion occur - useful if you are fighting alongside the God of lightning.

This is my personal favourite and one that I hope will appear. It could introduce some very interesting concepts and characters to the MCU.


Which of these suits would you like to see in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

I think that there will probably be a combination of these suits built into one (the aesthetics of the Armour 616 suit and the ability of the Space suit, for example). I hope Marvel will introduce an interesting new suit because the last couple of upgrades have only been aesthetic and had to new abilities other than coming out of a suitcase.

Please check out my movie/book review blog at Readers of the Lost Arc, my theory on Tony Stark's fate in the MCU, or my trailer breakdowns for 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2', 'Alien: Covenant', or 'Spiderman: Homecoming' and let me know if there are any other suits that you would like to see introduced to the MCU in the comments.

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