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This week our top five will list our favorite Telltale games. We enjoy Telltale because their art style is different and the games they release revolve heavily around the choices you make during the game which is an interesting concept.

Many of the games that have been developed by Telltale Games are released episodically. Several episodes, released together in a season, are released periodically through a certain time frame, often concluding around half a year or so after the initial release.

We understand that not everyone will agree with our list, but these are just our personal favorites. If we missed any, let us know in the comments!

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a graphic adventure based on the fantasy novels and the t.v. adaptation of the show. The game is focused on player choices and actions influenced by later events across the 6-episode arc. The story revolves around the northern House Forrester, rulers of Ironrath, whose members, including the five playable characters, attempt to save their family and themselves after ending up on the losing side of the War of the Five Kings.

4. Walking Dead Season Two

Walking Dead Season Two is where you play as Clementine, the little girl that you protected in season one, and you are basically seeing her surviving past that point. She's older, but she's still a little girl. It's definitely an interesting experience to see a little girl shoot giant weapons and having her try to find her voice within a group of grown ups.

3. Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands is based off the Borderlands franchise, which has a huge cult fan base. You follow a brother and a sister that live in this world that Gearbox created. You have to survive in an insane atmosphere with crazy geography and even crazier people living in it. It's just like the Borderlands games and it's pretty good.

2. Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is one of Seppin's favorite. It's based off the Vertigo comic, Fables, and it's about famous fairy tale characters living in a small part of New York called Fable Town. We like Bigby a lot, who is the big bad wolf, but in this world he is the sheriff trying to make up for what he did as the big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. It's really cool and it led up to a Vertigo property having a connection to the game company.

1. Walking Dead Season One

The Walking Dead Season One is Telltale's most highly acclaimed game they have developed in our opinion. It's not just about the game itself, but the emotional connection you have to the characters as you play. It's a must for any serious gamer.

Honorable Mention


Can't wait for this game! We know that it is coming this summer, but that's it.

Rek's Pick

Back to the Future

Rek's favorite movie and his favorite Telltale Game purely for sentimental reasons.