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Do you ever miss playing classic Sierra games like Leisure Suit Larry or Space Quest? While some of those games have resurfaced on Steam and plenty of videos on YouTube can help you relive that nostalgia, it's been some time since Sierra (or more directly, Activision) has put out something new in that same vein.

Now, thanks to Pixoala — a studio run entirely by one man — a new game with a similar vibe is being developed: Asylopole. This time, though, it's coming with a twist: it's a psychological thriller.

So What's It About?

Asylopole is a game with an art style reminiscent of the #videogames mentioned above and has a similar point-and-click feel to it, but still seeks to deliver a more involved form of gameplay with a variety of mini-games and a nonlinear storyline.

You play as a psychologist whose job is to dive into the minds of patients and fight through their inner demons. What makes this concept become more sinister is the fact that the city you work in has been placed under a massive dome — at the center of which is the asylum you work in.

The Synopsis

Asylopole's official website has gives the following description for the game:

"Asylopole is a satirical, old-school adventure game. It takes place in a dystopian future where it’s a daily struggle for the population just to stay sane. Under the huge dome that covers the megalopolis and all its inhabitants, you play the role of Adam Murdock, a psychiatrist working in an insane asylum, a gigantic building that supports the center of the dome.

When treating patients, you are able to access their inner most thoughts and help fight the phobias and other mental problems that exist in a virtual world that’s known as Mentalis.

Get inside your patients’ heads to find out what’s gone wrong. Experience totally new universes and fight your patients’ worst demons..."

When Can You Play It?

This game is still currently in development, but has a planned release date of December 2017.

If you're interested in supporting this game, go ahead and browse its Kickstarter page here. The game is also a part of #Steam Greenlight, so you can follow the game here for more updates. Pixoala's #Kickstarter campaign is set to end on November 25th and they've raised $3,000 out of their goal of $22,000. The rewards for backing the project include in-game acknowledgements, Beta Access, a copy of the game at launch, being put into the game (as an NPC, an ad, or even a main character!), and much more.

If you want more on this game, be sure to check out the trailer below:

So that's a basic rundown of Asylopole. This project has a lot of potential and seeks to return us to a time where art and satire made a point-and-click adventure fun instead of being bogged down by graphic quality or the amount of story put into a game.

Are you excited to play Asylopole? Tell us why in the comments below!