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For a while now there have been a lot of rumors going around about Dylan O'Brien leaving Teen Wolf, and after we learnt Dylan wasn't in many episodes of Teen Wolf Season 6A, suspicions and speculations started to swirl. Now it looks as though those rumors might be true. Stiles Stilinski may not return for Teen Wolf Season 6 part B.

Dylan O'Brien recently returned home after filming his new movie American Assassin abroad, and then finished filming the remainder of episodes in Teen Wolf Season 6 that he missed due to his accident on set of The Death Cure earlier this year. Teen Wolf Season 6A finished filming on December 22nd and Dylan is now getting some much needed down time.

Shortly before filming for Season 6A ended, Dylan himself told fans that he only had one week left on Teen Wolf and that his contract was done after that, this was basically confirmed by production. The shows creator Jeff Davis has yet to release an official statement.

Teen Wolf writer Will Wallace recently made a statement about how Dylan's accident affected the Teen Wolf schedule which then got the dominoes falling.

"Dylan was in a terrible accident that disrupted a lot of schedules and plans that were already in motion. Contracts were already signed and start dates had to be amended. Because of this schedules also had to be amended, but once the train is in motion it cannot stop. If Dylan isn't in 6B it's not because we made a flippant decision, it's because the wills of three giant corporations had to be placated and this is how it all planned out." - Will Wallace

Aside from that, members of the Teen Wolf crew have been posting goodbye messages to Dylan for the past few days, each one tells us one thing, Dylan may not be present in Season 6 part B which will start filming in 2017.

Once Daniel Flores, a Teen Wolf costume designer posted this picture with the original caption "Work finish on this guy right here. Thanks for all the memories and a wonderful 6 season run" fans went into a frenzy, as this was the first mention of Dylan not being in the second half of season 6 by a crew member. Luckily for us Daniel took the liberty of answering fan questions in order to clear the air,

“He starts filming The Death Cure in Feb which means he’ll have to start prep after the holiday. We know they have at least 6 episodes left to film and filming got extended to March.” - Daniel Flores

However Teen Wolf set costumer Adam West shared that Dylan would in fact be in season 6B. Dylan was filming for three weeks in February and two weeks in December and has apparently filmed a few episodes of 6B as well, so there's your sliver of hope Teen Wolf fans.

"In the last two weeks alone we have shot content for 8 different episodes including episodes for 6A and 6B." - Adam West

Although for now nothing is set in stone we do know that just like in 6A, Dylan will be seen in only a few episodes if he is in Season 6B.

Season 6 is the shows final season, if we're lucky Dylan will return for the series finale. Sadly, Dylan O'Brien never made it to 100 episodes of Teen Wolf.

Dylan’s schedule has been a challenge both for him and his co workers, but for 4 years now Dylan has always managed to balance his busy schedule consisting of both Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner series, and he's given nothing less than 100% to both. Sadly now, one might be taking precedent over the other. However the official reason as to why Dylan will be leaving Teen Wolf is still unknown. One thing is for sure, Dylan O'Brien has given his heart and soul to this show and his character Stiles Stilinski, and if he is gone, Teen Wolf will not be the same.


How do you feel about Dylan leaving?

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