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2016 was probably one of the toughest years in the life of Teen Wolf and Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien, but it was also one of the best when it comes to his career. Although this was the year Dylan was in a terrible accident, it was also the year he landed an amazing role which is gonna do wonders for his future as an actor, as this movie is not like anything he's worked on before and it paints him in a whole new light. I've put together a timeline of all the important events, and other memorable incidents that took place in Dylan's past year. Important to both him, and his fans.

You might be wondering why, why was 2016 so important? Well, it was the year Dylan went through hell, but he just kept on going and came out stronger.



Dylan starts filming Teen Wolf Season 6.


Dylan on his way to Vancouver to start filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

March 17th...

Dylan was severely injured on set while filming The Death Cure.

Dylan O'Brien was severely injured while filming a stunt when the car he was riding on top of was struck by another vehicle which made Dylan fall, causing multiple injuries including a concussion and facial lacerations.


March 23rd

First look at Dylan in the Deepwater Horizon movie.


Dylan O'Brien in recovery!

"I think he's doing well, I think he's with his friends and family, it's a tough situation, but he's with who he needs to be with." Holland Roden

"He's healing very, very well, he got put back together a couple of weeks ago. He is one tough cookie!" - Giancarlo Esposito

April 28th

First sighting of Dylan O'Brien since his accident.


Dylan is cast in the lead role of American Assassin.

A film based on the novels by Vince Flynn. A spy drama and thriller. Dylan stars as Mitch Rapp, a counter terrorism agent and a member of the CIA black ops unit.

26th May

Dylan's Deepwater Horizon Character poster is released.


July 21st

The Teen Wolf Season 6 trailer is released.

July 31st

Dylan wins big at the Teen Choice Awards!

Dylan won 4 Teen Choice Awards in 2016. For his role as Thomas in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Dylan won Choice Movie Actor: Action/Adventure and Dylan and Thomas Brodie Sangster both won the category of Choice Movie Chemistry. Dylan was the first person to ever win Choice AnTEENcipated Movie Actor for his role as Caleb Holloway in Deepwater Horizon. Dylan also won the title of Choice Summer TV Actor for his role as Stiles Stilinski on Teen Wolf.


The first pictures of Dylan since his accident. Dylan O'Brien with his fans.

This caused Dylan's fans to go crazy over his new scruffy look!

First Look at Dylan O'Brien's interview BTS of Deepwater Horizon.

August 26th

Dylan O'Brien's 25th Birthday!


Dylan in weapons training for the American Assassin movie.

"Dylan actually went through a horrific accident where, basically, he had to reconstruct his face. I had to train him physically, but I also had to help guide him, almost like a counselor, in terms of the emotional and psychological aspects of what he had gone through to not be victimized by the accident, but use it as a tool to work through and get stronger for the future." Roger Yuan, Dylan's Fight Trainer for American Assassin

September 12th

First Look at Dylan O'Brien as Mitch Rapp in American Assassin.

Dylan starts filming American Assassin in Europe.

Dylan with fans in Europe.

Dylan with fans in London

September 30th

Deepwater Horizon Premieres.


Dylan and his family at his cousins wedding.

Dylan on a break with his father Patrick, his mother Lisa and his sister Julia.

October 5th

Dylan tweets for the first time in 6 months, since his accident.

First look at Dylan in action in American Assassin.


First stills of Dylan in American Assassin are released.

Dylan on set of American Assassin in Rome

Dylan with fans in Rome


Welcome home Dylan!

Dylan arriving at LAX airport.

Back to filming Teen Wolf Season 6

O'Brosey is reunited!

Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey are reunited on the Teen Wolf set.

Dylan O'Brien with fans at MTV studios.

Dylan on his last day of filming Teen Wolf.

New stills of Dylan as Mitch Rapp in American Assassin are released.

Throughout the year 2016 Dylan showed everyone just how strong and dedicated he is. Soon after recovering from being severely injured, Dylan went to work on a very strenuous and demanding action movie. Not to mention he had to do a lot of extra physical and fight training in order to prepare for his new role as Mitch Rapp. An accident like that would have discouraged some actors, most would have probably been scared to come back to set and definitely wouldn't have done action movies anytime soon, but for Dylan to do it, and only a few months after his accident shows great passion. Dylan just came out of it stronger than ever. Soon after he finished filming American Assassin, Dylan dove straight back into filming the parts of Teen Wolf Season 6 that he missed, and in February of 2017 Dylan will resume filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Throughout the year 2016 Dylan has been going from one project to another, and he has done so flawlessly. Even though his accident caused a bit of a rift in his filming schedule for Teen Wolf and The Death Cure, he stayed strong through it all, giving every character he plays, and every film and show he's a part of nothing less than 100%. Dylan definitely loves his fans a hell of a lot. Despite the challenges he faced, 2016 was a good year for Dylan, and I'm sure 2017 will be a great one as well.

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