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It all started with a movie...

Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf) and Britt Robertson (Girlboss) met while filming The First Time in 2011, they've been together since 2012. Despite the fact that they keep their relationship low key, there's no denying, these two are just absolutely adorable, but what is it about them that makes us wish we had a relationship like theirs? Lets find out.

1) They make it work long distance

Dylan and Britt are pros at long distance relationships, despite their constantly busy schedules filming movies and shows. They keep in touch through calling, texting, emails and Snapchat. Also the occasional visit to see each other on set.

"For the most part, we’re off doing different movies all the time, so to try and find the time for each other is really challenging. But it wouldn’t work if we didn’t want to be together, so we find the time. We make it work."- Britt Robertson

Dylan visiting Britt in Vancouver September 2014
Dylan visiting Britt in Vancouver September 2014

Dylan once skipped the 2014 TCAs to visit Britt in North Carolina. Britt used to fly to Atlanta to visit Dylan after filming The Secret Circle for 19 hours straight! !

2) They are always there for each other

These two prove that love knows no bounds. When Dylan O'Brien was injured on set of The Death Cure in March 2017, Britt was by his side helping him recover, according to his sister Julia.

"She has helped my brother in immeasurable ways and single handedly nursed him through this terrible accident and recovery period. She is a saint." - Julia O'Brien

A little while after that when Britt was filming in Vancouver she dropped everything and drove to Seattle, then flew from there to Atlanta, with her 2 dogs, on a coach flight to be with Dylan after learning he was headed to the hospital.

When asked what the sweetest thing a girl has ever done for him was Dylan replied "Fly cross country to see me eight hours after I was admitted to hospital." This was when back in 2012 when Dylan was admitted to hospital with pneumonia.

These two have already got the in sickness and in health part down!

3) They constantly support each other

They always support each other's movies and shows in their own adorable way and in any way they can. Be it in interviews, articles or just cute tweets.

4)They value each others opinions

Dylan and Britt really care about what the other thinks, especially when it comes to their acting. They're both really shy of having the other on set, but they love watching their shows and movies together.

5) The way they look at each other

Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Dylan and Britt look at each other and you'll be set for life.

6) Those smooches

Lets face it, we all want someone to kiss us like that.

7) Their warm embraces

Just looking at the two of them you feel the love.

8) They share a love for baseball

Dylan and Britt are both die hard Met's fans.

Sometimes they even share a Mets cap.

9) The Romantic Getaways

Back when they both had time Dylan and Britt would always make time for a vacation together. Romantic vacays that will have you wishing you were them.

Nowadays, anytime they have together is a welcome vacation. Although he's not on holiday, Dylan and Britt are together in South Africa right now (April 2017), some much needed time together.

10) Their adorable nicknames

11) The interview mentions

We just love it when Dylan and Britt talk about each other during their interviews.

12) The Cute Twitter Interactions

13) The many things they have in common

Besides the fact that these two are both major dorks, they've got plenty of other things in common, such as their love for dogs (they have 2 together), sports, they are both huge fans of X-Factor, they love the book Moneyball they both love the Walking Dead and they both bite their nails to name a few.

Not to mention the fact that they are both so goofy.

14) Instant Family

Both Dylan and Britt have amazing relationships with each others familys. Including their fellow castmates.

Britt is especially close to Dylan's sister Julia, which is beyond sweet.

15)They have amazing chemistry

both onscreen...

and off.

"Me and Britt hit it off immediately. That's something that can either happen or not. It's just about who you guys are as people, in a way. We were really lucky, we had an immediate bond and an immediate friendship." - Dylan O'Brien

16) How perfect they both are for each other

If not just the list of things they both love that make them perfect for each other, it's the things that they both love about each other.

Dylan is starring the upcoming film American Assassin and Britt is starring in the new Netflix series Girlboss. But despite their busy schedules, the hollywood glamour and the amount of time they spend apart, Britt + Dylan = ! And that right there is why.

Who wouldn't want a relationship as cute as theirs? They truly are a one true pairing, a match made in heaven, soulmates and every other definition there is.

5 years and still going strong.

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