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"For me, it was never a job, especially from the beginning. I'll always look back at Stiles as being my ultimate favorite." - Dylan O'Brien, SDCC 2017

Remember that kid from Beacon Hills who was a 145 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones? The kid who constantly got himself and/or others into trouble? Well, that kid is in the FBI now. Teen Wolf season 6 part B finds the pack now post high school and finding their way in the real world. After fighting werewolves, kanimas, evil spirits, beasts and dread doctors that should be no problem, right? Well lets just wait and see.

Check out the trailer for the final of Teen Wolf below.

Dylan O'Brien's beloved character Stiles Stilinski is now a part of the George Washington FBI programme in DC, and no doubt still causing mischief. He's fighting bad guys on a much bigger level now.

After seeing him in only 3 episodes of season 6A, fans were worried that Dylan O'Brien might not appear in 6B at all, but all that worry faded away once we saw this in the trailer for the final season...

Dylan O'Brien recently revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he was originally not going to be in the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf.

"I wasn't originally able to be a part of the last 10 at all, nor was I contracted to be."

Luckily for us Dylan knows a thing or two about loyalty. Since Teen Wolf is what jump started his career and it means so much to him, he chose to return for Season 6B. Dylan opted to appear in at least a few episodes of the season.

"It was cool that we were able to find space of a couple of weeks were I was home and I could go and be a part of a few episodes, so I was glad to be able to do it, because you know I've been with the show since the beginning, obviously and for me its my first role."

And we are all thrilled that he did return, cause we get to see Stiles Stilinski go back to saving lives, this time, in uniform.

Not to mention we get to see Stiles and Lydia (Holland Roden), one of the shows most beloved couples together again.

Over the seasons Stiles Stilinski has been the sidekick, the comic relief, the hero, the villain, the victim, the brains, a son, a best friend, a boyfriend and so much more.

"I was a kid out of high school who had never acted before. I got this part and met Tyler. It was all new to me. I was just winging it. This show became my entire school that I went to every day to learn, what I was doing on set, being in front of the camera and learning about the whole process I was in love with. This show started that way, and it became home, even when I got another part and went and did something else in between on a hiatus, I just couldn't wait to come home. Couldn't wait to suit up as Stiles again, I'd get all pumped and I'd get so excited that I get to go back to Stiles, cause i love him so much." - Dylan O'Brien, SDCC 2017

Watch Dylan O'Brien suit up as Stiles one final time.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Part B, premieres on July th at 8/7 C on MTV. Be there, for the final fight, the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf.

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